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Ambassador Stamps- 10.12.07

stamping0.jpgWow. I think i just spent an hour looking at random vector logo cliparty designs for stamps, pillows, and buttons over at Ambassador Stamps that showed up in NOTCOT.ORG submissions from Jensche (it’s been fronted! But was so cool it needed a proper post as well). Basically these brilliant Swiss folks have been designing quite the playful selection of gorgeous graphics that you can choose for a stamp, throw pillow, or button… since 2002! There are basic graphics, and there are ones which you can customize with your slogan, company name, etc. And even cooler? You can fork over 89 euro, and give them your company name… and cross your fingers, close your eyes, and then see what you get in about 10 days. No refunds. But from the looks of the randomness they design that is SO fun, i’m extremely tempted. Best case scenario? You pay a mere 89 euro for the logo of your dreams? Looks like even Coudal has made one. [Beware: the UI is a bit messy ~ but the site is quite pretty.]

Ok, so enough about the really fun designs… now for the packaging and product, these aren’t just ANY stamps, they are uniquely shaped cone like stamps that are contained in screw capped ink pods of sorts (ink pad in the bottom). And they are packaged in specially designed cardboard boxes! (images of all that below). Sooooo tempting.





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Love these.

----- Lori 16.10.07 13:37

Nice :)

----- Ben 12.10.07 05:37

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