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Flip and Tumble- 10.22.07

fipandtumble.jpgOk so when i get on a reusable bag trend… and try to stop… it’s hard! Because now everyone who finds new reusable shopping bags is sending them over, and i just have to share one more with you. Kristopher Dukes just had these Flip and Tumble bags show up in her inbox, and seeing as they’re not exactly couture… she’s passed them on to add to my growing list of reusable options. From a design perspective i needed to post these because linhchi and i were just thinking the other day… wouldn’t it be easiest just to have an attached pouch? just cram the whole bag in it? Like a Popple! And then here we have Flip and Tumble doing just that… they describe it as a sock ball… i think of it as a Popple bag. And for those who are either so old they forgot what a Popple is, or those *gasp* who are too young to know about them… i dug up an original 80’s Popple advert on youtube that’s embedded below for your viewing pleasure.


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These are great! How cute and stylish. Anyone that would clip a bag to them selfs is obviously not interested in style so I really don’t think the two bags can be compared.

----- Susan 30.10.07 14:08

These are okay, but I use ChicoBag (www.chicobag.com), which also stuff into their own pouch. Only ChicoBag has a clip so I can clip it to my key ring or purse strap.

----- Jean 30.10.07 08:30

Jean— when you were in Philly at the Indie Designers Expo, did you see the “sustainably chic” string totes by Jessa Blades?


I think they are pretty cute. Almost as cute as a Popple!

----- caroline 25.10.07 13:57

The first compact reusable bag I became aware of was the Chico bag (http://www.chicobag.com/) which also has its own attached pouch. Not as cool as one that turns into a ball like the one above though!

----- The Green Cat 23.10.07 11:54

Wow, this is probably the best reusable bag design I’ve seen so far.
And it’s great to see that has a big handle and comes in a variety of stylish colors.

Great find!

----- Jackson Pritt 23.10.07 11:23

i love popples. and i love your reusable bags trend too :)

----- alexia. 23.10.07 05:19

I’m surpirsed there hasn’t been a mad Popple comeback. Like “My Little Pony” or “Strawberry Shortcake”.
The day will come though.. mark my words…

----- Karri 22.10.07 23:54

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