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Vespertilium clothes-peg- 10.30.07

vesperbat.jpgI’m not really a halloween girl. There i said it. It’s really just not my holiday ~ however of all the halloween design i’ve been seeing (and the most has been showing up on TasteSpotting) ~ when i saw these bat clothes pins over at MocoLoco i couldn’t help but smile. The Art Lebedev crew looked to solve: Problem. Do something before October 31st. Solution? Inexpensive plastic Vespertilium clothes-pegs remind your neighbors that your laundry is Halloween-ready. Brilliant.


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Brilliant! where can i get them from and how much?!?

----- JayJ 08.04.08 18:53

Brilliant! How much does it coasts?

----- Itay Kotler 27.11.07 06:43

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