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2010 Vancouver Mascots - 11.27.07

2010.jpgOk, i’m not sure how today became cartoon/illustration day at NOTCOT, but i’m not going to fight it… the ninjatowners, star wars mimos, and now these 2010 olympics mascots are far too good not to post! But back to the subject at hand, i just saw these on .org and click over to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics site and watched the video… and can’t stop smiling. So meet Miga, the strangely small orca that pulled a little mermaid and traded tail for legs… Quatchi, the giant shy sasquatch… and Sumi, the guardian spirit with the adorable sidekick. And if the illustration style seems a bit familiar, it is because illustration duo Meomi is behind them, who was also behind children’s book The Octonauts. Anyhow, more images below, and a collage of screenshots from the intro vid!




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Wow. I love those little guys. You sould check out the Beijing Olympic mascots also. I would love to design the mascots.

----- AndyG 05.07.08 13:35

Have you checked out the “The Friendlies” — the 2008 Beijing Olympic Mascots? Jingjing is my personal favorite.


----- Tammy 09.12.07 13:28

however it looks like pedobear. and i think that is a huuge lolable mistake

----- ryu 30.11.07 05:48

awesome! I live in vancouver and all the construction going on in prep for the olympics is pretty astounding. I’m sure these little guys will be everywhere soon enough.

----- Morgan 28.11.07 12:27


----- sparks 28.11.07 08:35

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