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Beringer Vineyard- 11.30.07

beringer.jpgSam just emailed me about this incredibly mesmerizing paper animation by Olivier Gondry for Beringer Vineyard - it will make you want to drink wine and crush paper. View it here.


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Here’s the making of video posted on you tube.

----- Sam 20.12.07 19:05

This is incredibly lovely!

----- Kimberly Lewis 10.12.07 19:45

i’ve found the ‘making of’ video on Su Blackwell’s website.. she was a consultant on the project.

----- m*chelle 09.12.07 11:44

Me too!!! I was SOOO amazed at how beautiful this ad was! Good eyes NOTCOT and way to step up the cheezy wine ads, Beringer!!!

----- Tracey 03.12.07 14:11

Hey, I actually saw this on TV yesterday and thought about posting it, but you beat me to it Jean!

Wonderful commercial :) Too bad there’s no making of like the Sony Bravia ads.

----- esotericsean 30.11.07 13:16

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