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Disney Leibovitz Update- 11.06.07

disneyupdate.jpgOk, so here’s something new i want to try… i was noticing that it seems a bit silly to write a lot of posts on the same thing and keep posting them separately. Frankly, it hasn’t been making NOTCOT, as a resource, very efficient for me when i try to find something… SO, i’m testing something out, and i haven’t worked the kinks out yet. But here’s a start… Annie Leibovitz and Disney have added to their actor/actresses as classics set (Rachel Weisz as Snow White, and Julie Andrews as the Blue Fairy with Abigail Breslin as a fairy-in-training)… SO instead of posting a new post just about that, i’ve decided to UPDATE the last post, so all the info on that stays in one place… and since i haven’t quite figured out how to notify NOTCOT readers about it, i’m linking you to an anchor.

yes, i see the silliness of giving it a new post, while not giving it a new post with the images and information in it. Have any ideas of how i can efficiently pull this off for us all?

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while i can understand your issue with finding things on the site, i definitely don’t think this is the way to go, especially since you end up having to make another post anyway! i’d say, keep doing it the way you’ve been doing it, but implement some sort of tagging feature that let’s you organize things better. (i know you already have categories in place, but something like tags could allow you to get a lot more specific.)

maybe use del.icio.us as a model… the ability to tag things and then find them by searching for more than one tag at once (i.e. “disney” + “advertising”).

----- brandy 07.11.07 09:53

It would be great if this could be used to consolidate all the green-bag posts into one ;)

Copy everything from the previous post, add the updated content, repost, delete the old post? I guess you want to automate it huh

----- Anonymous 07.11.07 07:28

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