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Feric- 11.28.07

1128feric1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here’s another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

I have long admired Eric Feng’s (aka Feric) illustrations. His work is gorgeous - a mixture of real and imagined and of natural and mechanical. I love the fantastical, mechanical anatomies of his characters, and how you are given a peek at what is beneath through transparent layering.

Limited edition giclée prints of Feric’s work are available at his online store. They are fairly pricey for a digital print, but I could almost be tempted because I love some of his pieces so much (“Roda. Continue” - I’m talking about you!). Worth checking out at the very least!

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*sigh* my deepest apologies KC. It’s not easy keeping track of what is and isn’t on NOTCOT and NOTCOT.org, and back in the day we were editing purely by memory with no tech assistance (ok, so only up very recently has search improved slightly), and even now it’s no google yet…

Feric is something all of us have loved and felt like we’d seen for so long, i really could have sworn we had already featured it ~ just had a big discussion about this with dan and justine when anna submitted this post, and we hunted and hunted and couldn’t find it. Our conclusion was that Feric was something the three of us obsessively went through every image of back before the site started, and felt so familiar to us we naturally assumed we had shared it on the site (yes, *everything* we fall for ends up on these somewhere).

So, i’m sorry that we didn’t front that post for thinking it was a duplicate back in the day. We’re working on getting our technology up to par to assist our human editors.

~ jean

----- notcot 05.12.07 01:05

I submitted this site about 5 months ago…
Thanks NOTCOT… I’m just kidding. I’m happy that feric is up on the oh-so-awesome NOTCOT site; with or without my aid.

----- KC 05.12.07 00:34

he made an add for nike in a Giant Robot maginize i have

----- robot! 29.11.07 14:17

feric has inhabited my desktop forever. wonderfully technical and equally whimsical!

----- Miss Chief 29.11.07 06:11

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