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Maria White Mebane- 11.13.07

argb.jpgHave you ever blogged by flickering candle light? Regardless of your answer, you should do it. And someone really needs to tell apple that having that pulsating light on laptops is just creepy and hard to sleep near - it does not breathe life like some real fire… particularly the fire within this Maria White Mebane’s Porcelain Tealight Luminaries… this was just one in many things found in the A+R gift bag tonight, and as soon as i was taking pictures, i lit this with the CITIZEN:Citizen limited edition Tobias Wong matches (remember them from icff?), turned off the lights, and it definitely caught my attention. Granted, i saw these in the store, with the lights on, and as fun as they looked, you HAVE to see it in the dark and lit. Absolutely mesmerizing. Apparently this tealight was “was commissioned by a famous LA steakhouse for table illumination” according to A+R. For a well lit picture to what else was in there see below…




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definitely agree with you re: the pulsating light. it’s endearing how it makes the laptop more lifelike, but it keeps me up at night & i always end up throwing a towel over it.

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