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Oakley Minute Machine- 11.21.07

owatch.jpgOn unexpected things ~ i’ve been having a lot of conversations with mid-20 something guys about high priced watches, particularly those who didn’t grow up with them, and the desperate coveting of high end watches as status symbols, followed by the implication that that watch would get them some. And i’ve been mocking them all, but after this weekend - OK, i take it back, maybe the watch thing *can* work. The unexpected stand out from this Oakley weekend is definitely the Oakley Minute Machine. It caused some amusing drama at the after party, and perhaps that IS the best marketing strategy, after all that now even i find myself curious about it… well the Oakley Minute Machine Diamond Dial Edition ($3,500) anyhow (left watch)… although the Black face Titanium Edition ($1,195) is tempting too (right watch)… then there is the Unobtanium Edition($995).

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I have this rugged watch but want to change the band to a rubber one, does anyone have and suggestions on a rubber band that works with this Oakely product? Thanks in advance.

----- cee_vee 05.05.09 10:32

This is an unusual watch. At first I hesitated to wear it…sitting in the incredible housing it was nestled in, I thought wearing it would be a leap. The band looks like small caliber bullets, in a way. The sapphire crystal is tough. The band is incredibly ergonomic. The face sits over the wrist flat and quite comfortably, while the wrist bone nestles within the freaky curves of the band. The carbon fiber disks allow the band to move around the wrist with no binding…less friction…And, it keeps time dead on.

----- kyle knight 12.06.08 17:47

hi, would you know how to take the links off to fit?

----- tony 29.01.08 16:20

I’m a fan of big watches, and am very impressed with this new Oakley. Oakley’s always had great design and quality, great to see them going in this direction. Only question keeping me from buying yet is what does it look like on a person? How thick is it? NOTCOT, can you get us more pictures?

----- ats 21.11.07 18:30

Honestly, i dont think the pics do them justice ~ there was something about playing with the real one that was a bit better… actually i think there’s something a bit too render looking about most of oakley’s product pics!

----- jean 21.11.07 13:43

as a designer and lover of watches I must say that is one ugly watch… sorry, three ugly watches

----- ryn 21.11.07 10:10

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