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On 2D Rings- 11.25.07

2drings.jpg2D looking rings… love em? hate em? What’s your take on this trend of silhouettes and handscapes? Since every time a new one comes out, people seem quite into them, i needed to collage them all for some perspective, and i love them all as a means of creating a mini puppet show or diorama on my fingers, but i’m not sure about sporting them around town regularly (particularly for the sake of my knit goods who are unlikely to survive!). So here we have: Alissia MT Diamond Rings in plastic and silver (also available in gold), Blank & Reed’s Bling Rings (in Bird and Bitch), Zelda Beauchampet’s Handscapes, and Soop’s City Farm (etsy store launching the 30th of Nov). There’s something so pretty about seeing them all together, can’t you imagine the story your punch could tell if you arranged them right?

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this is awesome.

----- nerb 06.12.07 20:59

Love them all! This post is such a great compilation of 2D rings.

They have “nerd” and “dork” 2D rings at http://www.fredflare.com right now also.

----- JANA 28.11.07 15:15

Ali, I’ll be right behind you…

----- Ingrid 27.11.07 11:30


Yeah! What is there to hate? They’re all gorgeous!

I want the foxy set in the photo. They’re so cute.Thanks for the info on Soop’s Etsy shop. I’ll be first in the queue ;)

----- Ali 27.11.07 04:05

Ooooh! I’m lovin’ it! I’m lovin’ them all :)

What is there to hate.

I haven’t seen the little farm animals before. Are they available in the States (NY) except through Etsy? I want to try some on. Does anyone know?

----- Milly 26.11.07 16:40

The diamond rings are not on sale at designer site but i find them at http://www.elsewares.com

----- Simtra 26.11.07 08:58

the acrylic rigns are just fantastic!
i love them
as you can see in HorSTYLE Lesson No3 (Link)

----- Horst 26.11.07 02:16

I love them too!

I bought the whole farm yard of Soop’s City Farm rings a couple of months ago and they make me smile ever time I wear them. I tend to mix n match them with whatever I wearing…The cow’s my favourite, great use of holes for spots.

----- georgia 26.11.07 02:01

I love the 2D rings, just as long as they’re worn right.

My favorites have the be the silver ones, especially the Handscapes. They’re not as bold as the others but they still make a statement. I love them all together as well.

----- Victor 25.11.07 22:43

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