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Ultreo- 11.18.07

ultreo.jpgLatest in toothbrush technology? Ultrasound. No, seriously… the Ultreo uses sonic vibrations plus ultrasound. And as much as initially i thought this might just be another crazy gimmick and I initially wanted to check it out b/c the packaging was interesting, and the new technology intriguing… I didn’t expect to actually be hooked on my teeth feeling this noticeably clean relative to the sonicare elite (i haven’t had a chance to compare this to that new sonicare flexcare, but its the same technology really, only less vibrations coming through and smaller?). Founded by Dr. Pierre Mourad (who has made his living finding novel applications for ultrasound and its ability to transform bubbles into miniature sources of mechanical energy) and Jack Gallagher (Ultreo’s CEO/President who was present of Phillips Oral Healthcare for a few years) and they brought on Dr. Christopher McInnes (Ultreo’s Principal Scientist who spent 12 years with Sonicare, and provided the fundamental science behind the Sonicare technology)… they have quite a team behind the Ultreo, which has just launched its first ultrasound toothbrush . Other than the incredible clean feeling (yes, i am running my tongue over my teeth in amazement still) ~ it’s impressive that it’s far less aggressive/harsh on your mouth, less vibrations, quieter and i was told the ultrasound technology creates tiny bubbles that blast away the plaque (see the comparison study images, more below)… and how does it work? It’s all about that orange transducer in the middle of the brush head. Really its hard to explain, and definitely worth trying to understand/feel for yourself…. images below of box scans, close ups of the charger, travel case, etc.


Along with the toothbrush, they also sent some press materials which included a booklet which summarized various research studies which had been done with the Ultreo… this particular one had the most interesting visuals - “Evaluation of ultrasound as a means to remove Streptococcus mutans biofilm”done by the University of Washington… it was fascinating to me that the purple image is without bristle contact.

They also have some interesting studies which showed that Ultreo is quite effective in removing extrinsic surface stains (good for coffee drinkers and smokers!) ~ and was shown to reduce gingivitis substantially compared to other toothbrushes.

Here are some scans from the actual box ~ they have some nice images and icons and simple explanations of what’s going on ~

Here is a closeup of their charger ~ which packs down pretty compactly

And when you want to travel with the Ultreo ~ here are some close ups of how it breaks down and how the travel case works:

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I too am hooked but unable to find a replacement head - any help out there?

----- julie 02.08.09 19:24

Please, Where can I locate replacements toothbrush heads for the Ultreo ????

----- William Z 16.06.09 15:39

i bought about five ultreo toothbrushes for my family they are great….i bought them by the sharper image two of them stopped working the sharper image is out of business whom do i contact now.p.s. the toothbrush is great i got rid of all my plaque in two weeks….thank you, chana lowy .

----- chana lowy 24.03.09 14:52

I was not getting the results I expected until I used the Ultreo with just a mouthful of water ….. wow! What a difference! Water is probably the best ultrasonic coupling agent but messy unless contained, like in the mouth. Want fluoride? Do a second round with gel toothpaste containing fluoride. Don’t rinse with water (spit the ‘used’ toothpaste) after brushing. Mouthwash works as well as water and some may contain fluoride.

----- Edward A. Bloom 02.10.08 10:20

I just bought this brush and love it!! The best place to buy is www.realtoothbrushdeals.com. The price is $116.00 WOW!! I can use the other$40 for my gas tank. Retail is $169.00. The shipping was lighteneing fast.

----- Steve Johnson 28.05.08 16:45

As a dentist I am interested in your product. Please send me info. Thanks

----- Michael B Fink 18.05.08 10:29

This toothbrush is far BETTER than the Sonicare. It is much smoother on my gums and teeth. It does come with a high price tag in retail stores, however online the best site is www.realtoothbrushdeals.com. Its only $115.00 instead of $169.00. I love this sites prices.

----- kathlene 02.05.08 04:29

wow. sexiest toothbrush, ever.

----- n00yen 20.12.07 23:45

They managed to make this brush look organic yet very serious at the same time- maybe it’s the typography and package graphics?

----- Joey 19.11.07 04:53

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