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Virgin America UX- 11.25.07

va0.jpgBy now i’m sure you’ve heard about and seen the flashy Virgin America website and all the sweet goodies they’ve packed on to their flights - from the plugs at every seat, the neon purple/blue mood lighting, ordering drinks, movies, and tvshows with the swipe of a credit card, seat to seat chat (yes. imagine the possibilities… close quarters stalker possibilities on a long flight?!?!), google maps to track where you are, and even the cutest animated saftey video (youtube below). Anyhow, i got a chance to fly Virgin America for the super quick flight up to SFO from LAX for the Oakley event… and since my hour long flight was delayed another hour (sf fog!) i took some pics of the plane, my empty row, and the RED Entertainment UI while i was sitting in there. (I also found a nice little video of the UI in action on Youtube).

Awesome saftey video! Adorable animation, and just as cheeky as you’d expect from Virgin…

Here’s that neon purple/blue “mood” lighting…

My empty row… with the glossy white seat backs, and black leather seats…

Even the call button, lights, air, etc were nicely designed…

Lined up with the wing, there were cute american flags to see…

The remote in the armrest…

… and on my lap… there is even a www button for the not yet ready web access!!! as well as full keyboard on the flipside.

Here’s a video of the entertainment system in action… and then slightly ghetto screenshots below it…

Google maps to show you where you are! (painful to use, trying to navigate around was not nearly as nice as any other implementation…. ) also unlike the video that looks like its using a mouse, the screens are all touch sensitive…

Here are your TALK options… (email and text not yet available)

You can even pick your screenname

and pick ANY seat you want to talk to! Yes, the paranoid girl in me came up with many ways you can drive people crazy during a flight now… and can we say “inter-flight spam”?

terrible pic of the chat room (i was too shy to invite anyone random in)

You can even play games like DOOM!

And buy premium TV (things like greys anatomy, dexter, bones)

… and movies…

or watch live satellite tv!

You can buy your snacks with a click and a credit card swipe…

… and your drinks.

They even went to town with all the icons for each radio station… they have EVERYTHING…. down to canton/j/k pop variations

And here is the quick menu/site map of all your options!

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3 Notes

you were flying right over me in that google map screenshot! well if you were on land.

----- matt 29.11.07 14:19

I really want to fly on this airline!! It looks so amazing! I don’t think they fly out of Boise… *will check…* :)

----- Megan 26.11.07 09:33

this makes me want to fly across america lots.

i reckon the biggest selling points for me are the leather seats and DOOM!

cracking article :)

----- sven 26.11.07 09:33

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