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WiredTree Hosting- 11.04.07

wiredtreehost.jpgRemember those days when our site would flicker up and down or get super slow? Somewhere between our overloads of traffic, unstable servers, and some pretty shoddy tech support? It even got bad to the point that i ended up posting to see if anyone had any better solutions… to be completely honest it feels like years ago (post was dated April 07)… but thanks to the advice, horror stories, and hosts that everyone submitted ~ we decided to go with WiredTree which Jonah shared with us.

So, as promised, now that we’ve found a new host, and tried them out for a few months, and i’ve actually been sleeping better (it’s nice not having the 4am sms “OMG your sites are down! Again.”)

The first things that come to mind ~ incredible uptime that its only beat by their great customer service. I have never had service where we have a problem regardless of size (server crash, out of HD space, or just a silly email question) answered in about 5 minutes when it is 2am (which would be 4am for them in Chicago)… and even if they did just wake up, they manage to respond with friendly, professional, intelligent, patient, efficient responses. From a technical perspective, it is refreshing that they give you full access to your box, yet guarantee complete management: software + hardware + network, and they deliver on it, which is no easy feat considering what some of us may try to do with our servers (other than NOTCOT.com being on movable type all the other sites are built by us from scratch).

Anyhow, if you’re still looking for a host ~ check out what WiredTree has to offer, the pricing and server options were extremely competitive when we shopped around, even before realizing how smart the team supporting it is. And feel free to mention you found them through NOTCOT!

Huge thanks to Zac, Adam, and Joe who have come to feel like family (and they will always be part of the NOTCOT family, since they’ve been kind enough to help sponsor us - and for transparency’s sake that means a small discount ~ but they certainly didn’t ask us to write this post!)

OH, and just to make sure i put it out there ~ i did NOT choose them because they had a really nice logo/website (although i do love how it looks in our footer). We did go through about 5-6 hosts and narrowed it down on the requirements we had, and how well they could scale with us, and help take care of us along the way.


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what server and plan did you purchase form them?

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