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Arbor Skateboards- 12.13.07

arborboards.jpgCan you ever be too old to learn to skateboard? Ok, wait. Don’t answer that? I grew up with a lot of friends and family heavy into the skate scene, and i was/am that girl that obsessed about the graphics and design of all the parts… but the combination of wood and gorgeous graphics on the decks at Arbor Sports just grabbed my attention tonight (while doing some sourcing for an upcoming awesome gift guide!) and the Koa Bug one has me totally smitten… and dying to get one and roll around the boardwalk or something. Funny thing is these guys are just a few minutes away in Venice Beach, and i’ve driven by them a million times going to the airport, and have still yet to stop in and check out the store… must do that soon, and get you some pics! Also with my new love, the vinyl cutter, would LOVE to get a woody board to do some stickering design of my own on! More breathtaking images below…


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I am also a great fan of arbor longboards. I have been using my arbor for 3 years. Still now its bearings, trucks, wheels provide me a smooth riding.

----- Sultana 08.05.16 21:19

they’re very very beautiful. I ride longboard and I’ve never skateboarded before but I want one since I saw them.

----- Jen 29.11.15 06:04

I have to agree Philip…I rode a few skateboards before but I never got into tricks and all that…but I think I like both riding and enjoying the scene. My friend suggested I buy a longboard soo all of this is new to me. I ran across this brand and they look sturdy,reliable and not to mention the idea of their design they have behind every…its amazing This will definitely be my first longboard.

----- Vix 20.12.07 05:10

I have a Surf One longboard, bought it on a whim having never skateboarded in my life (45 yrs)! After a few hours of practice it all comes together nicely. You don’t have to jump off rails or get big air. Just cruise and enjoy the scenery going by. Y

----- philipb 15.12.07 08:54

Arbor longboards are the best. I was down around that area a couple summers ago and my friend who worked at a design studio on Venice beach walked me down to the store and helped me pick out a board. When we got back to the studio where he worked we went in the back way and walked through a different design studio owned by his boss’s son that did all of the graphics for sector 9 boards. When they saw i was carrying an arbor the guys in there just laughed and said, “thats what we ride too”.

In fact, my board is pictured above. Second row, the right two boards are the bottom and top!

They RULE.

----- Mark Forsman 14.12.07 01:53

I’ve wanted one since I saw them. They’re definitely beautiful. But I’ve never skateboarded before. The last time I saw a guy on a skateboard, I couldn’t imagine myself going that fast.

----- michelle 13.12.07 22:38

i love arbor longboards! don’t worry jean, they’re a lot easier to use than a short stick! i have the bamboo/’great wave’ one (top left of 2nd pic), and my boyfriend has the koa with the soldier below it.. definitely sweet to ride them in pairs! can get you rolling down a block with only 2 or 3 pushes, the bearings are amazing! better than a bike for sure!

----- Berny 13.12.07 08:44

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