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Creature: in person- 12.01.07

powell0.jpgCreature by Andrew Zuckerman… i’ve been pretty obsessed with this book since the post, but been so slow and busy i hadn’t gotten around to ordering it until making the gift guides (it showed up on Day 28 and Day 21)… at which point my mom apparently took the hint and ordered it. Well good news + bad news. The book is BREATHTAKING, even more so in person with the large coffee table format. I wish i could have ordered a copy for everyone i know… truly incredible. The bad news is… she happened to order it from Powell’s (the largest independent bookstore!) instead of our usual Amazon since she had some credit to use up… and unfortunately the packing wasn’t quite up to par and being the book/product junkie that i am, its driving me absolutely mad that the corners were all bashed up, and the bottom right corner of all of the pages are buckling a bit… enough to notice when flipping through such pristine white pages… oh, and somehow this copy has it looking like the cat on the cover is crying green… So, as my random Saturday night post, just wanted to vent slightly, and let you know i’m suddenly reminded why its more satisfying to buy things in person sometimes… in brick and mortar stores… or sticking to super huge giants who take too much care in packaging for survival during the holiday season! more images of some of the awesomeness within, as well as what’s driving me crazy.








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My copy of “Creature” from Amazon was also “dented in” on the bound corner.

----- Barrett 05.12.07 17:27

I agree the book is amazing! I pre-ordered from amazon and about 5 pages are folded and messed up with ink/toner. Some of it wiped off, but some is still there. It almost seems like there was a problem with the printing. It’s still beautiful to look at.

----- Scott 02.12.07 13:42

just return it! i have returned books to amazon for having crunched corners. they always gave me a free return label and replaced the book without a problem.

----- Lori 02.12.07 13:10

i had the same problem with a “supersonic visuals for music” from amazon :(

----- nuno 02.12.07 06:12

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