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Eyescapes- 12.19.07

eyescapes.jpgRankin is an incredible photographer who has shot celebrities, covers, editorials, etc… but these Eyescapes at the Art Department are absolutely mesmerizing. It truly changes what you imagine when talking about *really* looking into someone’s eyes.


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I absolutely love this website. I often come to it just for inspiration on my own sketches. Thank you so much! These eye pictures are breathetaking.

----- Ashley Kuske 30.12.07 11:28

i read notcot.org daily and am usually jealous of the designers and artists who get to work with beautiful objects all day.. but this post helps me remember what i love about my real job as an ophthalmologist….now whose jealous!

----- Nick 20.12.07 19:28

I just noticed that in the more images link that some of the photos are exactly the same eye but color’s just changed so it isnt an original photograph entirely? Just my 2 cent…

----- Henry 19.12.07 18:02

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