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From The Amazon- 12.18.07

amazon.jpgOn random holiday gifts ~ my father and sister just got back from the Amazon ~ and brought me a pile of amazonian craftiness. It’s pretty incredible what they can carve into a brazil nut! (the snake, octopus, and ant)… and although these certainly aren’t the same as getting to have their incredible adventures living on a boat ~ fishing and exploring the Amazon ~ wrestling caymans ~ capsizing dingies ~ following monkeys ~ playing football barefoot on the beach ~ and watching a million and one species of insects smack into the boats lights nightly… these are still pretty fascinating! Also check out the spear below that you tie a string to, mount on a bamboo stick, and use to fish the old fashioned way…







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The armadillo is stunning! :3 Nice haul.

----- Brigitte 04.01.08 10:15

ooh! I like the fish keychain!! Arowana, if I recall. the python is lovely too

----- The Manticore 18.12.07 18:09

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