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Guitar + Vox + OhMiBod- 12.14.07

vox1.jpgGuitar + Vox + OhMiBod = Vibrator responding to the sounds of the guitar. Ever have those days where it you’re holding two objects and it suddenly *clicks* that they’re meant to be put together? Well a box of toys showed up from OhMiBod and the VOX AmPlug came on the same day, and it suddenly dawned on me that together they could be the perfect combo gift and only ~$100! [There’s a quick video if below if you don’t know what i mean.]

Ok ok, hear me out. The VOX AmPlug is perfect for electric guitarists who want to hear that beautiful full bodied sound through headphones. The OhMiBod and the more attractive and enticing new Gspot vibrate to the music connected through a headphone cable… Connect the two together ~ and its an interesting way to seriously touch someone through the music you PLAY.

We all know girls can’t resist a musician (yes, yes, protest if you must, but we all know its pretty hard?) ~ this would take that love of musician and his music to a whole new level. Also, if he is the worst guitar player ever maybe this would be a nice gift for his poor girlfriend. And for all those groupies you can even plug in more than one… Come to think of it… this *could* work out nicely for those gamer guys too, hook it up to the output of your XBOX/PC/etc and every shot you take (or when you get shot) in a shooter game will have a whole new effect?




$40 VOX AmPlug + $70 OhMiBod = $110… not too bad for a silly gift for that musical/gamer couple?

They also sent over the new BodiTalkEscort ~ which responds to cell phones like the original BodiTalk… my only problem with these are the lack of direct correlation between YOUR call and the vibrations… without the pairing with bluetooth, etc ~ i had this on in the same room as my phone and it was buzzing almost non stop (i wasn’t on the phone)… but any phone with a data plan is constantly checking and transmitting which sends it buzzin…. or if you’re somewhere with any other people with phones nearby, if their phones do anything it will be buzzing away as well! So if you want the random unexpected pleasure from those cell waves in the air…

Here’s the full box of what they sent over:

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25 Notes

this thing is wicked !! Oh Boy :)

----- rickStar 12.09.11 16:37

I wrote a copyrighted story called GUITAR FETISH. This fits in perfectly.

Music presented this way gives interrupted sexual stimulation….far more
pleasurable than the continuous stimulation of a vibrator.

The device is suited to a woman. But I’d hitch it to a plastic ukulele so
a man could use it,LOL!!

----- Ronald Vaughan 10.05.10 19:31

All i can say is “I’M GUNNA TURN THA MICROPHONE OVER TA … ACE FREHLEY … SHOCK ME!!!!!!” Ohhh yeeaaaa!

----- adam vhette 25.12.08 00:40

why did you get a box of toys? what i mean is was it free? or do you own a store, etc..

----- trevor 27.05.08 00:37

You should definitely plug a recorder somewhere in the loop, to record your more ‘memorable’ solos so that they can be enjoyed over and over and over and o… o… ooooooh!

----- Kenski 22.02.08 07:36

For pioneering the concert tours with OhMiBod, use a digital recorder with mic and let yourself be rocked…

----- twoo&co 28.01.08 11:55

I wonder if there will come the day when this technology goes wireless and is adopted as part of concert tours. Plus, I wonder what will happen with a powerful effects box in the signal chain, like a Roland VG88 or 99. The mind boggles.

----- everysandwich 09.01.08 10:32

Ah, STOOPID, it may break in a month…but if these two toys deliver on the promises, it may have been the best month of your life!

----- Molly Ren 23.12.07 00:06

Classic Rock, what result would the Metal or AC give, maybe something a bit harder or 60’s ish???

----- Ian 20.12.07 11:12

all i want for xmas is that!

----- stacie 20.12.07 05:49

Yeah AMAZING IDEA!!! That’s what we need is more plastic crap that will break in a month and be in landfill .. Congratulations on your contribution to humanity.

----- Stoopid 18.12.07 11:50

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘plug me in’

----- Roy 18.12.07 08:14

OhMiBoding to the feedback loop of vocal reactions to the original vibes…

Jean, you are as naughty as I should have known.


----- KRiSTOPHER DUKES 15.12.07 21:35

Bigee will love this!

----- Rhoadster 15.12.07 13:25

bahahahahahaha this is so awesome

this brings a whole new meaning to the song “i cant get no satisfaction” by the rolling stones :P

cant wait to buy this and plug it into my gf while playn some sik ac/dc riffs hehe

----- mike 15.12.07 03:52

ahhh so thats what they mean by vibrato!

----- flames 15.12.07 03:41

No worries steering the topic away ~ i actually think these are just calling out to be used in an electronic art installation project! And i didn’t make a video, but an even more direct look is laying the vibrators on the strings… pluck one, then they vibrate, which starts more strings, which means more vibration… and well, you get the idea…

and imagine hooking up microphones? or even the feedback loop of vocal reactions to the vibrations…

----- jean 14.12.07 23:04

Sorry to steer the topic away from sex but this would actually be a pretty interesting way to get controlled feedback from the guitar as well. Vibrators and other electronic devices do some funky things to a guitar pickup when placed in close proximity. If the vibrator is taking its cues from the guitar itself it might create a funky feedback loop.

----- Seth Howard 14.12.07 18:55

so now you can really say “i’m going to rock you”

----- Lauren 14.12.07 17:11

You could probably hook up the amp as well ~ and have the vibe go from the amp perhaps?

if you play a bum note she’s probably not noticing… (hence it possibly being good for those guitar players who are just starting out and painful to listen to)

----- jean 14.12.07 12:50

does the electric guitar have to be played unplugged — or can it be hooked up to an amp and the vibrator at the same time?

----- Anonymous 14.12.07 12:10

What happens if you play a bum note?

----- Alan Eagle 14.12.07 11:26

It does add a new meaning to the title ” Stairway to Heaven”.

----- David Price 14.12.07 11:20

I have the Omi-Bod, and have been using it with my ipod. And yes. The vibrations vary to decipher notes, and speed, and multiple instruments… The guitar spin on this is just… well… freaking amazing.

----- Starlight 14.12.07 11:09

That’s pretty interesting, for sure. When you plucked a note in the video they started buzzing like crazy. I’m wondering if there is a big enough variance in vibration speed to decipher between notes or if, when sound is coming out of the guitar, its just a stream of buzzing.

----- Justin Lilly 14.12.07 07:58

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