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Parkhaus Berlin- 12.11.07

felted.jpgIt is quite probable that having the vinyl cutter next to me is increasing my attention to silhouettes, but then again i’ve always had a thing for them and the vinyl cutter obsession may be b/c of that? Anyhow, i was checking out Decor8, who has this cool post on German store, Raumformplan and in one of the store pics there was a coat rack cluttered with these adorable felty animal silhouettes! Turns out these felt keyrings are by Parkhaus Berlin ~ and they have quite the assortment of cozy felty goodness… particularly cute were also their bunny egg covers. And i’m loving that black car silhouette key ring!

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Ohh I love the bunnies.

----- Tabatha 12.12.07 05:55

Hmm, a similar thing for christmas would be nice, little felt snowmen!!

----- Angelo 12.12.07 05:02

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