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Pleo Unboxing/Hatching- 12.06.07

pleohome1.jpgPLEO! Just got dropped off by the FedEx girl ~ and i remember wondering when i first met Bob Christopher and Pleo for drinks at the Peninsula Hotel what the packaging/unboxing/hatching experience was going to be like. Well, here’s the answer… lots of packaging and unboxing images below, and a few shots of him waking up to the world (much whining and moaning and slow eye opening as he went into exploration stages…) I even introduced him to my Roboraptor. First impression? Strangely adorable, definitely far more emotional than my now seemingly mentally handicapped roboraptor (who is currently running into the pleo box and pushing it around while pleo begs and purrs from petting)… and it is rather bizarre having this Littlefoot (come on, don’t you remember Land Before Time… movies 1-infinity?) looking dino wandering the halls. Loving the DNA details in the box graphics… and the shot on the bottom of the box is brilliant… more to come on my adventures with pleo over the next 2 weeks probably…

Oh, and looking back compared to the prototype pics ~ he sure has gotten more color in his skin! And its so bizarrely skin/rubbery like to the touch…










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----- Horst 07.12.07 01:18

Man, I’d LOVE to get my nephew a Pleo, after seeing several articles & vids. I’m with Ashley though, pretty steep, since he already got a Wii this year it might not be able to compete. But then, I could adopt it instead! Hmmmm…

----- The Slapster 06.12.07 18:08

Very neat that you got a Pleo. I was going to, had a first hatch pre-ordered and everything… But, backed out. Too pricey for what you get, I think.

Maybe you can prove me wrong. ;D

----- Ashley 06.12.07 13:56

These are so cool…I got to play with one at Makers Faire in Austin this year. It seemed to like being spanked.

----- T-Bone 06.12.07 12:56

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