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Vinyl Cutter + Wii- 12.08.07

bday07.jpgUPDATE: Hey Kotaku people - these ARE 5 min doodles that got scanned and vectorized and printed just to see what the vinyl cutter could do… the wiimote was next to me, so just stuck them on there ~ (and our resident engineer made the tree) ~ this whole post is really just about a girl playing with her new toy.

Sorry i’ve been pretty quiet… big proposals, meetings, and i’ve been happily forced to take a little breather the last two days… and today i’m old. Quarter of a century old. It just doesn’t feel right quite yet… but i must say, its far easier to deal with when i have the best present ever in front of me…

Funny thing is, the more i write about products and review and critique, the less i had on the wishlist this year… in fact i have actually been more obsessed with what to gift others! When some of the other bloggers hit me up for the “what’s on YOUR wishlist?” i came up BLANK (sorry josh spear and design*sponge! I tried!). But Dan apparently managed to go beyond reading my mind, and found me the perfect gift ~ an industrial 24” vinyl cutter, with all the tools, a few rolls of vinyl stickering (enough to cover every wall i can find at the moment), and some transfer paper… it hooks up via usb, and illustrator just prints right to it… combine it with the magic of Live Trace and… WOW. This truly is the most fun i’ve had in a long time… we’ve been printing so many random illustrator files all night, and a few of the crazy experiments shown below (jeez this thing can print super thin lines!) - from some wiimote decorating, pirate brontos on the mac apple, and just crazy stickering… expect some more amusing projects/art installations/street art/event signage/stickers…. soon. But for now, i’m taking a little break! Gift guide update for the day coming later on after i get some shut eye!






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Hey there, I came across your site when i was looking for graphtec cutters. I recently purchased one as well. Just wanted to ask some info on what system u are using windows or mac? Unfortunately I haven’t had luck making it work with my mac. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

----- benz zamora 22.05.08 00:21

I’ve got the desktop version 14” cutter (CraftROBO Pro) and use it to cut out printed card stock (specifically, I luv using Strathmore Satin Board — a 10pt photo stock — I cut out packaging comps and gift boxes! You don’t have to just cut vinyl. It also has a Registration Mark Sensor. Custom gifting was just soooo perfect this xmas!

----- edwin 31.12.07 15:16


Love your stuff and lovely website.

A vynil cutter is on my wishlist.

What brand is it and where did you find it? And how much does it cost.

My girlfriend would go crazy for this.



----- michiels sander 23.12.07 06:28

I own a sign shop. thats a good cutter. You got any questions let me know, ran one of those for a couple of years.

----- Tom Bond 21.12.07 15:05

Awesome! I was saving what money I had left for food this Christmas… guess what I’m spending on it instead!

----- Alan Eagle 11.12.07 05:18

It is only a cutter ~ no printing ~ so the rolls i’m feeding into it are colored vinyl sticker on backing.

----- jean 11.12.07 02:39

Does it print the color too or do you need to preprint it on paper?

----- Daniel 11.12.07 02:32

Most definitely a great christmas present.
I’d love a NOTCOT sticker, so much. When can you start selling them?

----- bkoerper 10.12.07 10:24


the laser cutter is made for you!
and the brontosaurus is…just amazing

----- horst 10.12.07 02:38

Pretty awesome! We use the exact same machine here at work, only we cut vinyl for t-shirts. =)

----- bushrat 09.12.07 22:51

I’m quite interested in both vinyl stickers for the Wii Mote + Nunchuck and the Macbook.. how would I go about ordering what I see on this page?

----- Richards 09.12.07 13:32

thats just awesome! and i have to agree, watching the pirate brontosaurus made me laugh and smile :D

----- PsyGuy 09.12.07 12:49

Zomg… please sell us some wii decorations!

----- scarshapedstar 09.12.07 11:05

OH! this would make sandblasting images so much easier. instead i cut everything by hand and its not nearly as pretty or detailed. time to search for one in northern california. i love the bronto with the tattoo. it made me giggle.

----- michael 08.12.07 16:11

Yes! NotCot vinyl stickers for the car window? I think so!

What a cool toy, I can’t imagine the havoc we’d wreak on the house here with one of those & a long, snowed-in winter weekend.

----- The Slapster 08.12.07 15:23

Graphtec ce-5000-60 is the model i got (which is actually an incredible value for the money since its on sale right now and even comes with the stand, and is japanese made) ~ we went by the insane Ordway Sign Supply store up in Van Nuys, and went nuts. Brandon over there is extremely helpful, and caught us up on everything ~ from machine differences, to vinyl differences and lifetimes, transfer paper options, tools… and we came home, grabbed the illustrator plug in ~ set up the stand/printer, and went to town with sticker printing! My car may be next to get covered…

Anyone want NOTCOT stickers?

----- Jean 08.12.07 12:05

Vinyl Cutter = Perfect Gift!
Very happy to see it going to such good use. :D
(love the dino w/dino tattoo!)

----- emicakes 08.12.07 10:13

i’m drooling with jealousy :) (happy belated birthday, i love hearing of other december babies)

----- TMONEY 08.12.07 10:04

This is a great present! I know someone who would really like this as a gift.
Would you please point me to the model of this vinyl cutter and where I might find this for sale?
Thank you!

----- Michael 08.12.07 08:26

I love the pirate brontos!!!

----- LeeCaroline 08.12.07 01:49

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