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Vogue - Lockpicks - Hacking- 12.03.07

voguehack.jpgIs Vogue advocating lockpicking and hacking? So i was half awakenly flipping through the december issue of Vogue (the penelope cruz one) ~ Staring at this image, i was initially surprised that they don’t mention the word ‘lockpick’ in the post - focusing on the “hacksaw blades, a paperclip, and keychains” in the caption… the torn page sat next to me as i read up on Claire Fontaine and the Passe-Partout pieces… and these most definitely ARE lockpicks… cut from hacksaw blades (brilliant, it might be one of my new favorite pieces!) And then i looked closely at the ridiculously small print that was tucked into the spine of the magazine which only became apparent once torn out… and i see the following links…

Is it terrible that i find it highly amusing that Vogue is showing people where to go to learn to pick locks and the hacker ethic (the hackerethic.org seems to be squatted on… don’t they check links?) - See image of the full page and a close up of the tiny print in the spine below…

Also ~ take a look at Claire Fontaine - which few know as the “Paris-based collective founded in 2004, but the French brand of school supplies it is named after, whose logo is everywhere stamped on the tools of their trade.” Frieze magazine has a great article on them by Vivian Rehberg. “Appropriation is an artistic strategy laden with precedents, and one of the ways Claire Fontaine distances herself from those is by advocating theft. 371 Grand (2006) copies of keys to Reena Spaulings Fine Art in New York made using the same process the FBI employs, and Passe-partout (Paris 10ème) (2006), a set of lock picks, hacksaw blades and a small flashlight hung on an ‘I Love Paris’ key-chain, are wryly subversive little sculptures, especially when accompanied by the lock-picking demonstration in the video Instructions for the sharing of private property (2006). As an extension to these works, Claire Fontaine has offered to duplicate keys to galleries that show her art, and to sell them titled with the gallery’s address, therefore granting the purchaser access to the valuable objects held there. In two recent Paris exhibitions, versions of Passe-partout were hung nonchalantly on a hook, ready for the taking. But, just as she expected, nobody walked off with them.”

UPDATE - figured out where they got their links from… as well as some images of the FBI piece and more keyring sets…



Apparently those exact links are over on the Claire Fontaine site from the page on Passe-partout, (Paris 10e), 2006 - Hacksaw blades, bicycle spokes, mini-mag lite, key-rings, and wire, dimensions variable.

Here is the Napoli version!

And those FBI keys… “371 Grand, 2006 -Five elements, alloy, dimension c. 100 x 50mm.”


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Many people are being misinformed about what lock picking really is and where it should be used.

What is just saddening to know is that many people use it as a hacking method or a way to trespass any private property. People should be informed about who should really use or do it.

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I blame the damn republicans!

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