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Anatomical Bull + Tuna- 01.21.08

cowfish1.jpgThis one goes out to all the carnivores, biologists, and butchers who read NOTCOT… i went by the opening at GR2 saturday night, and when i popped by the original Giant Robot store, i couldn’t help it but i totally had to buy two of these silly Gotochi Dissection Animals… See? I buy things sometimes not because i need or want them, but because i just really want to take a bunch of pictures to share with you. So after the jump you can see my full coffee table photoshoot of a tiny bull and tuna showing what i imagine to be the different edible anatomical portions of both - check out images of the packaging, and fun closeups of both… as well as all the other models GR has in store.








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do you know where i can buy these? i really want one..

----- jen 29.12.08 14:13

oh wait, i should have looked at the end of the article. you got it.


----- C. Cassidy 23.01.08 12:42

do not forget the rest of the animal kingdom…there is also the horse, the panda, the black bear, etc in existence.


----- C. Cassidy 23.01.08 12:41

Another item is in this site (in Japanese). You can check them !


----- 8tokyo.com 22.01.08 20:23

Are they for sale at the gallery? Limited supply? I’ve got to get my hands on that bull its so whimsical and add to that the fact that I am a meat lover. Must have!

----- Josh 22.01.08 19:06

I’ve been a vegetarian forever, and I still think these are darn neat. Perfect for all the forensic anthropologists, zoologists, and ichthyologists in your life as well (of which I have several). Thanks!

----- Lea 22.01.08 16:06

wow that’s amazing. a human one would be so cool.. not labelling the edible parts of course.. but it would be so useful and fun for studyig anatomy!

----- Leanne 21.01.08 21:15

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