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Anatomy of a Typeface- 01.24.08

rod.jpgThis is Bjorn Johansson’s Anatomy of a Typeface ~ “Triptych made for a gallery exhibition in 2005. The work is playing with the word “anatomy” which in typographic terms is referring to the different parts of a character.” It’s somehow been in an open tab for me all day, and its absolutely mesmerizing, too bad there isn’t a complete font in this style… that could result in some incredible posters! See more close ups after the jump!




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Lite fint tycker jag.


----- Anna Bengtsson 27.01.08 23:50

Really fantastic, especially from a medical illustrator’s viewpoint!

----- Vanessa 27.01.08 22:06

I love them, so cool.

----- nursemyra 26.01.08 03:39

wonder if he learnt Med… or maybe he just studied Anatomy books, hehe. I see bits of arms and legs in there!

----- Leanne 25.01.08 04:27

How charming, this font is too wonderful!

----- Brigitte 25.01.08 03:21

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