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AWdio- 01.10.08

awdiomain.jpgAwdio ~ they stream music live from trendy hot spots around the globe ~ (even the colette store is listed)… interesting concept. You can experience the full beta thanks to techcrunch ~ use the invite code TechCrunch (case sensitive)… bugs they need to fix? My last name is AW, (yes like in AWdio, why didn’t i think of that url first?) but they dont allow you to have two letter last name entries! So i am now Jean Notcot. Streaming some of the feeds now and its pretty fun to work to!





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sounds like a very cool thing to get in on.
unfortunately it won’t let me register, it keeps telling me to verify my email address and won’t let me go any further and has not sent me a verification email.
ah well. i’ll just have to jump on this bandwagon when it gets bigger

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