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Louis Vuitton City Guides- 01.27.08

lvguides1.jpgLouis Vuitton puts out an annual set of City Guides, this year it is saffron yellow - a rigid box set containing 9 soft back booklets printed on bible paper… they have been doing it since 1998, and somehow i have yet to actually flip through some! So after much unfruitful internet hunting, i’m turning to you, readers, to see if anyone has a set, and what you think of them… are they better than wallpaper guides? Are the illustrations by Ruber Toledo enough to justify the near 100$ price tag for the set? Closest i’ve found to images of the interior is a tiny picture on a japanese website (see after the jump!)… Thanks! [To find it on the Louis Vuitton site, just search for city guide when in the store.]

The description on the Louis Vuitton site -

- Saffron yellow, rigid box set containing 9 soft back booklets printed on bible paper
- 7500 addresses
- Description of 30 European towns
Booklet I : Paris
Booklet II : Marseille - Nice - Strasbourg
Booklet III : London - Dublin
Booklet IV : Amsterdam - Brussels - Luxembourg
Booklet V : Copenhagen - Helsinki - Reykjavik - Stockholm
Booklet VI : Berlin - Munich - Vienna - Geneva
Bookley VII : Rome - Milan - Turin - Venice
Booklet VIII : Madrid - Barcelona - Bilbao - Lisbon
Booklet IX : Moscow - Saint Petersburg - Athens - Istanbul - Nicosia
- Text written by 25 well-known journalists and writers
- Illustrations by the artist, Ruber Toledo

Pictures i could find online… from forbes and this japanese site that i can’t read…

Ooooooh reader Cynthia Drescher was kind enough to scan and email in some pics from an older issue (Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm) that she scored at a rummage sale last year! THANK YOU!



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Hmm, they may be pretty and quirky, but I can already tell some of the info is outdated! Cafe ‘Amokka’ is now ‘Dag H’, and not nearly as good as it used to be. If you ever need up-to-date info on Copenhagen, drop me a line. Blog for that exact purpose in the making!

----- MB 07.02.11 08:00

Not surprising that the typography is messy. Most graphic designers that work in the fashion & luxury space don’t really understand type. They’re more image makers and Art Directors (ie. photo). Think about most fashion ads and catalogs… Full bleed images, small simple type, the logo. Something complicated/content rich makes most of them falter quickly. As someone that has evaluated many of these designers portfolios over the past 10 years, I can say this with some certainty, though there’s plenty of exceptions out there.

----- Kevin 08.02.08 11:49

The splash pages for each city look nice but the typography is rather sloppy. What a strange mix of sans serif, serif, italics, spacing, and odd alignment. I’m really surprised it doesn’t look more polished.

----- Patrick 06.02.08 09:54

this has got to be a primeval predecessor to the immortal hitchhikers guide

----- giggles 29.01.08 21:36

I bought a set for the girlfriend, very cool and great list of trendy cafes, bars and shops. Cool for coffee tables and also you can finally read and find out bout those posh places the famous people go to.

Great for someone trying to build up a cool fashion conscious bookshelf.

There are no pictures though, just info.


----- Guy de T 28.01.08 20:28

the interiors are very basic. single color text on nice, but not spectacular, paper. There are occasional illustrations like the one above that are cute but also undistinguished.

----- bryan 27.01.08 14:54

Wow!!!! these are such beauties. They seem expensive, but I am sure the City Guides would be worth it. I hope they release it in India also… :)

----- Virtaaj 27.01.08 04:06

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