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Mrzyk + Moriceau “Golden Eyes”- 01.21.08

mcircle1.jpgIt’s like xmas morning every time i get an email with attachments from artists Petra Mrzyk & Jean-Francois Moriceau ~ i always know inside are jaw-dropping pics of black and white goodness in the form of painting/installation combos. And this latest one does not disappoint! So after the jump you can see many images from their latest show “Golden Eyes” at the Caixa Forum in Barcelona! With a circle motif, this show is a mix “between a wall-drawing and real round drawings framed”… ultimately creating a very surreal sense of depth, while simultaneously appearing incredibly flat… anyhow, it’s mesmerizing to peer into each and every circle to see what unexpectedly twisted/playful drawings are within.







And if you want to see more from Petra Mrzyk & Jean-Francois Moriceau… take a look at their new MySpace page and our previous posts:
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john…i dont know what you’re talking about. i soo agree with NOTCOT. ive been there to see it personally, and the whole idea if being mesmerized and made to look into each circle is very true. each circle is filled with some thing different n i had to look at all of them! i was there for hours! some images were of a very sexual nature but none the less still held a specific meaning in todays world.

----- Ravneet 06.03.08 02:04

Hmmm… c’mon, Notcot. Vector montage silhouettes and line-art? Maybe a coupla years ago. Not your usual high standard of reccomendation. Incredible? Must see? Maybe if it was a first-year design school show I’d be impressed with some able regurgitation of last years trends as an exercise in positioning your practice, but really…….

----- John Payne 21.01.08 21:57

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