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Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism- 01.25.08

nokiaprism.jpgOn new collaborations, Nokia brought Parisian artist/designer Frédérique Daubal on to design the 7900 Crystal Prism. The result is a playful combination of her multifaceted collages, the return of the 80’s geometric motifs, Nokia’s latest in technology (this 3G phone boasts a 2mgp camera - with video, 1GB internal memory, push email, music player), a “dazzling sapphire crystal centerpiece”, matching headset, and variable color options for the keypad. I’m excited to get hands on with this one to play with the 49 different colors you can change the keypad to and the laser etched multifaceted aluminum backing. And if Frédérique Daubal sounds familiar to you, you have probably seen her work everywhere from Colette to Paul Smith ~ and my personal favorite are her Super Family buttons (see image after the jump) which were on NOTCOT.org… and exploring her portfolio, i just discovered her awesome buttons for Bumble & Bumble too! So check these out after the jump as well as some closeups of this fun new phone!



Remember her Super Family pins ~ NOTCOT.org #3567

You can download a nice little video interview between Matt Bickley, Nokia’s Creative Director and Frédérique Daubal over at the Nokia Prism Collection site… and you can also get limited edition wallpapers from her as well ~ here are 3 examples:


Here’s a crazy video of the russian launch?

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im in denmark and i wonna know how i can buy thid phone.

----- Carina 26.07.08 00:48

i’m in US right now, I wanna know where can I get this 7900 crystal. Plz reply me as soon as you can

----- Anh VO 01.07.08 23:06

how can i buy it?

----- Hani 05.05.08 08:17

i want this phone !!!!!!

----- diana 08.04.08 08:34

where can i find it?

----- marco 06.04.08 12:56

wow that mobile phone looks absolutely gorgeous !!

* I’m gonna check the price now lol :P

----- Syana 04.02.08 07:20

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