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Vans Finger Fracture on iPhone- 01.16.08

fingerfracture.jpgOoooh a sneak peek at potentially a new reason for me to be amused by the iPhone (currently iPhysics is still my main source of iphone amusement)… but imagine if this sneak peek of a Vans Finger Fracture Skateboarding game for iPhone is real? Spotted over at the trendwatch - you can rate and view the project at NewCreatives, art direction by David Aronson & Juri Zaech for agency: Miami Ad Shool Europe… more presentation snippets after the jump, click to view larger!




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i can`t wait until this game will released! When?!!

----- Johannes P. 13.09.09 10:41

Hey guys, I’m from Fuel Games, we just put out the actual Vans iPhone skate game, called Vans SK8: Pool Service. It’s up on the App Store now and we’d love to hear what you thought! www.vanssk8.com

----- Nick Iannitti 31.03.09 07:45

when does this come out?

----- Ian 23.01.09 09:50

touchgrind is much better than this game check out illusionlabs.com or touchgrind.com, also its already out in the app store!

----- nickdees 02.12.08 06:30

when the fuck does this game come out for download. How the you advertise somthing that don’t find in the app store. STUPID BITCHES!!!!!!! Vans better get on it real fast.

----- $Matty Matt$ 12.10.08 09:08

cant wait to have a shesh on this game XD

----- jord 30.09.08 14:46

Great Concept! Do you know more Details about this Concept? Hope it will really come soon! Greetz

----- iphone-game.de 29.08.08 14:40

when will it come out and when can u get it please somebodey tell me i am dieing to no

----- luke 14.08.08 20:58

it will never come out cuz vans execs are too cheap!

----- fred durst 11.05.08 18:42

Awesome, any news about a release date for this??


----- Lilskata 05.04.08 16:08

How can i get it?. Does anybody knows the source?

----- Richard 27.03.08 09:20

Can u get this game 4 the ipod touch

----- Bryan Hidalgo 22.03.08 10:44

Update from kotaku:

“screens” are lifted straight out of Tony Hawk’s Project 8, proving this is just a concept.

----- tobin 18.01.08 12:17


The best game!

----- Felipe Spina 18.01.08 06:07

yeah!!!!! muito bom.

----- marco terzi 18.01.08 03:38

Oh shit. This looks awesome.
I should shake my cock.

----- dezi 18.01.08 02:10

I can´t wait until the release of this awesome game :-)
Thank You 4 That Game!!!

----- Basti 17.01.08 13:09

I can’t wait to review this game.

----- Doug 16.01.08 21:40

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