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Audrey Kawasaki “Mayoi Michi”- 02.10.08

newaudrey.jpgAudrey Kawasaki has done it again with her latest series of beautiful paintings for her solo show, Mayoi Michi, that debuted tonight at Copro Nason in Bergamot Station. To see what i saw… check out my pictures from “Mayoi Michi” in the gallery. Noteworthy, this “it” girl has certain made it huge… all pieces from her show were completely sold out before the opening, and most going for about $10,000-12,000, so a big congrats to Audrey! Also looks like it’s going to be a busy year for her, with a solo show in sept in Rome (at Mondo Bizarro), group show in november at ThinkSpace, and even a solo show planned for July 2009 at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in NY! View my pics of the show here, and Audrey’s closeups of each piece here.

Love her adorable signature.




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The people I spoke with at the Gallery were surprised that everything they had sold so quickly. I’m so glad I have a print and got it before the increased the price to $600! Her work is amazing, one day I will own an original… one day.

----- Mitzi 11.02.08 18:38

Ah… I’m so sad I missed the opening night… :(
I can’t wait to drive up there to see it though. Her paintings are always so mesmerizing.

----- grace 11.02.08 16:56

what a wonderful work. my compliments!

----- escapista 11.02.08 02:58

And while you were at the Audrey Kawasaki show, I was a few doors down at the Travis Millard / Mel Kadel show!


We just keep missing each other! haha

----- Bobby S. 10.02.08 23:40

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