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Fav Superbowl XLII Ads- 02.04.08

superbowl.jpgAh Superbowl XLII ~ congrats to the giants! And as usual, the ads were good fun! This year Hulu got in on the action and this NBC Universal and News Corporation’s online video joint venture is in beta and has a page up with 56 superbowl ads. I must say their player is quite pretty too… and i just went through all of them again, and picked my favorites below for you to watch!

FedEx… instead of Carrier Pigeons?

Ahhh Audi R8:

Something about those T-mobile Faves Charles Barkley ads always cracked me up…

Garmin’s Napoleon!

Bud Light gives you the ability to breathe fire! Until this guy had allergies..

Bud Light “Wine and Cheese Party”

Adorable puppy slurping gatorade!

Nothing like a giant Stewie and Underdog macy’s day parade balloons duke it out over a coke…

Guy from bones brings a witchdoctor to shrink heads in this cars.com spot:

Lots of screaming animals in this Bridgestone one:

G2 - awesome effects as the field follows jeter everywhere…

The horrifying unibrow woman… and her planters peanut perfume:


9 Notes

Have to be honest, that pigeon commercial really gave me the heebie jeebies. I loved the rat-man though.

----- Kevin H. 06.02.08 11:27

while it does suck for those of us who dont have access to the contents, it looks as though some of those ads are certainly worth checking out for those who do have access! so well worth a post. and thanks for the link claire!

----- rugenius 05.02.08 09:11

Not available in South America!?! In my opinion, this deserves to be UnBlogged for excluding half the world!

----- ndb 05.02.08 05:41

You know what i think is too funny? How advertisements are denied to viewers. Kind of ironic considering that’s their intended purpose.

----- Brett 04.02.08 08:54

You left out my 2 faves! Doritos and Tide stain remover.

----- nycali 04.02.08 08:50

This really gets my goat.
First these commercials won’t even air on Canadian TV, and now the internet’s also making sure I won’t see them.

----- Hannah 04.02.08 08:39

People with IPs not in the US can watch the commercials at http://www.myspace.com/superbowl

----- claire 04.02.08 07:02

My favorite vid was the Doritos ad with the rat in the wall. The pigeon video was funny as well.

----- Matt 04.02.08 06:21

‘Unfortunately this video is currently not available in your country or region. We apologize for the inconvenience.’


----- :( 04.02.08 06:09

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