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I’m in Toronto!- 02.21.08

IMG_1907.jpgI guess some people noticed it got a little quiet today… well, i kind of spontaneously hopped a flight to Toronto to see some old friends (awesome designers, i’m sure you’ll hear more about soon, especially since they inspire me with incredible design finds/inspiration and are quickly catching me up on the Toronto Design scene) for the weekend, and check out IDS08 and the city for the first time… and really, i just need a little breather, things have been a bit intense the last few months/year! And i’m sure i’ll have much to share soon, but for now i’m not sure what time it is to my body, and it seems to think i should sleep since there’s much snow on the ground and its quite dark!

Please play nice over at .org, etc! I hear some of the reports weren’t so nice today! Dan is trying to help cover for me as a favor till sunday… please feel free to help by posting the great stuff inspiring you that i might be missing, being afk for longer than usual!

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don’t forget to check out the ice sculptures this weekend


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