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Incase Press Kit- 02.15.08

incasepk0.jpgIncase: A better experience through good design. The UPS and FedEx guys always seem to make my day. Today it was the delivery of the Incase press kit that has my love of packaging design gushing. With a tagline like “a better experience through good design”, you would think it would be hard to live up to… but apparently not, from the time i sliced the tape open on the box they continued to surprise me with impressively high quality new products for 2008, incredible attention to detail in the catalog/boxes/design, extremely efficient use of space, and ultimately the whole press kit experience was like a designer’s babuska doll of surprises. So come unbox it with me in the photos after the jump! And more to come on the incredible macbook pro hardshell case soon…

Sleek black cardboard box…

Upon opening you see the new macbook pro 15” hardcase in plum… with a branded sleeve (with gloss topographic curves on matte) on it holding a business card (love the gloss on matte)


Upon opening the macbook pro hardshell case (and removing the rubbery nubs holding the corners in place) ~ instead of a fake laptop filler, there is a gorgeous box bearing the Incase logo and the same gloss/matte topography…

Upon popping open the magnetic closure, a top layer holding a nice letter (again on that nice gloss/matte topography - i am quite liking the attention to detail and consistency throughout the unboxing experience) and beneath is the 2008 catalog and iPhone hardcase…

The letter close up…

But wait, there’s more! Beneath the catalog is a cd version…

And here’s a close up of the new gloss iPhone hardcase.

I’m sold. Incase really is creating a “better experience through good design” ~ even through their press kit!

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I’ve been searching for this color everywhere and cannot find it anywhere but on this site. It says the color is plum, but on Incase’s website, the plum there looks nothing like the one here. The plum on their site looks purple, so I’m wondering if it is the same one or not. I have a Macbook Pro 15.4”.

I appreciate your help,

----- Elizabeth 12.08.08 22:45

A beautiful presentation but not very sustainable.
Is that styrofoam I see? Looks like a lot of paper used as well. I hope its all recyclable paper…

I think good design is not only designing something beautiful or cool, but takes into consideration space, the effects of the environment, and possible multi-use when it is delivered to the user.

----- C.Soo 16.07.08 01:33

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