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Matter Box- 02.03.08

matterbox.jpgThe Matter Box, apparently people have started receiving them, and i’m SO jealous! I mean seriously, this might be the coolest box of junk mail ever… i know its really just corporate schwag ~ but it’s corporate schwag at its finest, most creative, most amusing. So what was in there? Well below we bring you a break down of not only the contents and images of unboxings, but also some guy unboxing it live in a video!

Oh, and for anyone that is lost, Matter first came up on .org #8403… and it is “a box full of interesting stuff” and “a new and unique idea in communications that brings companies and people together around real, physical stuff–things you can hold in your hands, keep in your drawer, or give to your friends. It’s a new way for companies to introduce themselves by giving you something you might like” AND “is a collaboration between Artomatic and Royal Mail.” Read more at Matter: Brands you can hold, but firstly catch up on the first bow after the jump!


Matter shows off and breaks down the contents of their premier Matter Box in their blog post… the short version of the ideas, concepts, products, rejected ideas and more…

Sony - Music monster! With bite marked brochure. Stolichnaya Vodka ornate enamel lapel badge and mini guide to Russian cultural icons. Wii wrist band! EVO magazine Trump cards! Original Source Mint and Tea Tree Shower Gel. Virgin Atlantic Calendar. Nissan… looks like crayons, but they are soap! Sony Bravia PLAY-DOH! Jordans Cereal and Penguin Books team up for cereal poetry.


Here’s Andy Piper’s Live Unboxing Video:

Adam Crowe’s Flickr Set on the unboxing is a good one to check out.

And there are even more flickr pics tagged ‘matterbox’, but this one of Grace from Dalelane pretty much says it all… see Dale’s unboxing/review here.

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12 Notes

I got the matter box and I love it…it’s so cool

----- steve 04.04.11 14:59

where do i order one from

----- marco 02.12.08 00:20

I signed up for one box, but Im from Argentina…can i recibe the matter box? I hope so cos its amazing! bye!

----- Alejandra 27.05.08 14:00

I signed up for one! Excited!
Just another thing… in the video when he was talking about the contents I thought he said there was some Vodka in there… but no. Just letting you know.

----- mithila 22.04.08 00:57

The matter box is an awesome idea! Accept, I don’t really get the Soap concept from Nissan. On the Matter Box website it said that the concept was to show people that Nissan isn’t what you expect. Yeah, accept you wash your hands of it.
Great idea all in all, though. Nice job Matter.

----- Jason T Burns 08.02.08 10:39

Thanks for linking to my video, hope people liked it. To answer the other commenters, I don’t think the Matter Box is available outside the UK, no - but then I’m not involved with creating it so maybe if there’s enough interest, they might do something about it, who knows?

----- Andy Piper 04.02.08 13:19

Nevermind, I’ve got it.
But, can residents in the United States receive the matter box?

----- Militza 03.02.08 16:16

How can I join their mailing list?

----- Militza 03.02.08 16:12

I’ve joined the mailing list, can’t wait for my first box!

----- Danny 03.02.08 11:35

Um, isn’t this just a corporate version of The Sampler (homeofthesampler.com)?

----- Kris 03.02.08 10:41

can citizens of the US get one?

----- Joe 03.02.08 08:57

I think the Matter campaign is something that should really stick. Print advertising has reached about its design limit in creativity. With many ideas just being reproductions of the old. This is daring, more personal able, and much much more cool.

----- Andrew 03.02.08 05:59

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