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Murakami Augor Revok Billboard- 02.05.08

murakamibill.jpgOh, Murakami… what will you do next? So apparently Murakami’s MOCA exhibition billboard on Melrose got a little addition to it thanks to Auger/Revok… and Murakami’s people found pictures of it on the internet (like these great ones on flickr from Ribbon Controller and G@br!3L)… and they had it REMOVED! And sent to japan! Because it was “so wonderful, he had to have it for his collection.” says this LA Weekly piece. And the circle continues… murakami makes art in his factory, sells everything from cellphone charms to massive paintings, has his art on LV bags, has a pop up LV store inside his own exhibition, does kanye wests album covers and has kanye play his opening gala, manages to get celebs clamoring to steal each others limited ed plates… and now even steals his own billboard that gets vandalized with some awesome street art. I wonder if he also has a private collection of LV/Murakami knockoffs in a special closet. Wow. I admire his insane branding/reach.




Noticed this fun tidbit via Boing Boing.

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Michele, I had no idea who this guy was when I saw a piece of his at MOMA in New York which I just loved. Once back in Australia I then came across some pictures that looked like the same thing and put 2 and 2 together. Still loving his work and liking it before I had a name to go with means I took it on pure face value of the piece I saw.
So, no, I don’t think people are over him.

----- Nicole 03.05.09 19:55

that’s not auger but AUGOR

----- popol 29.09.08 12:53

You won’t like my latest blog about this artist. I write about artists from time to time on my blog in Artwalk with Michele. I’ve commented most positively about my choices for the week. I had a few positive things to say about Murakami and I’m still not going to buy the “hoopla over this guy! He may be a marketing genius or someone got a hold of him and thought this would be an easy ride. I think everyone is overboard on this guy. Disney will be next I assume but the fine art galleries, I’m not swayed.

----- michele 11.02.08 18:32

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