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Shu Uemura Art Of Hair- 02.13.08

artofhair.jpgSorry, it’s been quiet… i tried to take the day off. Still ended up handling a few emails and calls via the pearl, but at least it was while running around discovering things… like Shu Uemura’s Art Of Hair. Shu Uemura is one of those lines i’ve loved for not only the gorgeous packaging design (have you looked at some of those lipstick and skincare products? The new clear lipstick cases were designed by architects!), but also for their skincare and makeup products. Admittedly i was skeptical about their branching out into haircare… until about an hour ago. I’ve been a Bumble & Bumble girl for the last decade or so - but the last few weeks i felt like something different - i tried other bumble products (also love their packaging/branding), various ‘organic’ brands, even some basic drugstore brands (which ended up being far too fruity and chemically for the most part), and was about to give up back to my usual, until i wandered into Shu Uemura today.

Apparently the “Art of Hair” line is not available for sale online, and can currently only be purchased in their retail boutiques (but you can also call and order from them)… the boxes with the gloss images of the bottles on a matte white are gorgeous, and the bottles themselves beautiful as well, so i was already ready to simply show the packaging of the new line here… but only if it was any good! Anyhow, i’m sure you know by now, i’m smitten, and silly enough, can’t stop running my fingers through my hair. Smells amazingly fresh, feels ridiculously clean, AND comes in pretty bottles. See the unboxings after the jump, as well as a few other fun goodies i picked up… and a statement from the designers of the packaging, campaign, and branding of the line.

UPDATE: Check out this beautiful flash site for the ‘Art of Hair’… check out the Ceremonies in particular, they sound like pure bliss… and more updates being added at the bottom of the post as i obsessively research more.

Here is the full Art Of Hair line…
There are three shampoo/conditioner/treatment lines:
Red: Full shimmer for natural to color-treated hair - formulated with precious musk rose oil to meet the essential needs of natural or color-treated hair. Rich in fatty acids and vitamin A, it helps prevent oxidation and color fade while providing optimal shine.

Orange: Moisture velvet for dry hair - infused with rich camellia oil to nourish, soften, and rebalance moisture in dry hair. Devised from camellia japonica, this unique oil was traditionally used by geisha to soften, smooth and enhance the beauty of hair.

Green: Silk bloom for damaged hair - enriched with rare and unique argan oil, to restore and repair the structure of damaged hair. Combined with ceramide and vitamine E, argan oil helps to regenerate and fortify the hair fiber building strength, body and vitality.

There are also three foundation sprays made with their signature depsea waters, texture spray, thermal spray, volumizer, polishing milk, sculpting putty, silk oil, and finishing spray as well.

Here are the boxes of the Moisture Velvet Shampoo and Conditioner and the Silk Oil


Boxes from the front

All the indulgences of the day…

Bottles top view…

And from the new Spring 2008 collection (the final collection that Shu Uemura, who passed away Dec 29th 2007, helped to create) this “Tri Color Eye Pencil” brought out the 5 year old in me - it was hard not to buy both sets (or more) just to stack them as high as possible like i used to as a kid with markers that broke down like these!

ROLLING UPDATES! (as i google away)

I found some reviews and discussion of the line at The Fashion Spot forums ~ sounds like the Ceremonies are worth trying! People aren’t liking the styling products, and the the red/shimmer line for colored hairs seems to be iffy. For now i’m still sticking to loving the Moisture/Orange line (and my hair is long, straight, jet black, undyed, if anyone was curious)!

“The nine item prestige hair care and seven item styling line will differentiate itself by using formulas that contain oils, not silicone to blend nature and science. “

“There will be no specialty store distribution for the line, where the brand currently sells its makeup and skin care lines. Products will be available in the four Shu Uemura stores in the U.S.; Costa Mesa, Boston, New York and San Francisco.”


Nadine’s review of the Ceremonies experience


The packaging and campaign were designed by Bergman Associates, here is what their news feed says:

Bergman Associates: Projects for Shu Uemura…

Two new Bergman Associates-designed product lines for Tokyo-based Shu Uemura have launched - comprising the brand’s first haircare products - until now, known only for cosmetics and skincare products.

The project consisted of designing 20 luxury haircare and styling products, the creation and direction of the launch advertising campaign, photoshoots, and the design of all collateral and promotional material. The new lines are available at Shu Uemura boutiques, salons and spas worldwide.

The creative vision and design, created by Bergman Associates was based on a fusion of beauty, fine art and traditional Japanese design principals. “We created the Shu Uemura lines to be as close to fine art as a consumer product can be - from the seamless way the typography wraps around the bottles - to the morphing, reflecting and refracting of the typography as you turn the translucent bottles - to the art of the “geisha-modern” hairstyles we created for the advertising,” says Robert Bergman. “It was also important to stay connected to Shu Uemura’s history of minimalist design - we worked to find a fresh and modern approach to that minimalism - to make it “now.”

The project’s design was created under the personal approval of Mr. Uemura in Tokyo, and the outer boxes all are printed with the following quote from Mr. Uemura: “Creating something that is universally beautiful, that is art,” - as well as Mr. Uemura’s personal signature - a first for the Shu Uemura brand. The team worked with French industrial designer Christophe Pillet (the former apprentice of Philippe Starck) on the unique silhouettes used on the shampoo and masque products.

For the advertising photoshoots, Robert Bergman assembled an all-Japanese crew, and worked with them to achieve a unique vision of beauty for the advertising. The models were selected for their ethnic diversity and modernity to exemplify the international aspects of the brand. The hairstyles featured the rich artistry of Geisha-hairdressing tradition - but in a new and modern way. “Assembling the team was a challenging process - especially finding the classically trained Japanese hairstylist who was both westernized enough to bring the styles up-to-date and who had top photoshoot experience. We had to test and pass on many hairdressers from Japan, Europe and the U.S.,” says Bergman. “In the end, the challenge paid off…the photos echo the unique spirit of the brand: extreme luxury, and true modern beauty…which fits perfectly with the words of the Shu Uemura positioning statement: Eastern purity and western glamour combine to create a new range of professional haircare and styling products: fusing precious ingredients and cutting-edge science: to deliver the utmost purity with the highest level of performance: creating the ultimate artistic expression of beauty.”

Robert Bergman has a strong link with Japan and Japanese culture. Having lived in Japan, he is well known there for his work as creative director for Japan’s Academy Award-winning composer, Ryuichi Sakamoto and for his art direction and design for Japanese fashion, beauty and editorial clients. Bergman Associates is currently at work on the design of a new Japanese fashion magazine and on a new design project for Ryuichi Sakamoto - with whom Bergman has been working for over ten years.

Bergman Associates for the new Shu Uemura: Art of Hair lines: packaging design + logo design and identity + all collateral design: lookbooks, brochures, shopping bags, etc. + advertising (all photoshoot direction, conceptualization and production) + overall branding, creative direction and production of brand standards manuals.

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I would love to know the ingredients as well. Anyone know? Does it have sulfates in it? Thanks 4 the info!!!

----- anna 11.06.09 05:46

where can i find the product of shu uemura’s silk mesh elastic moldable hair cream????

----- aaa 11.12.08 06:18

Ooh- I want to buy but I would love to take a look at the ingredients first before heading out to the store. Anyone know where I could find them?

----- Melinda 19.09.08 09:47

i love shampoos

----- fchge 21.04.08 06:46

I love Shu Uemura. There’s a great Boston store on Newbury; awesome service.

----- Amanda Mooney 15.02.08 11:30

If I had hair this is all I would use. I’ve never seen prettier shampoo bottles.

----- Joey Roth 14.02.08 09:26

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