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Y Water- 02.14.08

ywater1.jpgA new entry in the bottled water market, Y Water, comes fresh out of Venice Beach ~ has a playful bottle designed by Yves Behar ~ and can be built into crazy structures… oh, and they are also targeted at kids, and are organic, low calorie drinks chock full of vitamins and minerals! “Y Water’s attention-getting names—Muscle Water, Bone Water, Immune Water, and Brain Water—communicate the idea that the ingredients are the building blocks of healthier bodies.” And there’s the green angle too: bottles are 100% recyclable and 100% reusable as a creative developmental aid… And perhaps just as fun, are the crazy illustrations all over the Y Water site. See images of all after the jump!






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meh… I like the fact that the stuff inside isn’t liquid sugar, but the bottle is less than awesome. It would have made more sense to make them somehow link together without the “Y Knot” things. I mean c’mon! ANY bottle can be joined together with rubber sleeves! Even better yet would have been to make them link together with OTHER plastic bottles thereby REMOVING some existing junk instead of just giving the new junk (the Y bottles) an optional 2nd purpose.

----- Danzo 04.11.10 16:37

it looks so yummy :3
and it seems also cool to build with them

----- michelle 07.06.08 08:17

This is a great product and is the type of beverage product that kids will like and parents will have no guilt.

----- Mark Fueger 08.05.08 12:57

Woah there Bertta ~ you sound like the landlord from: http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/74

Y Water is available at Southern California Whole Foods, the nation’s largest retailer of natural and organic foods for $1.69. It will be available nationally by the case through Amazon.com. And that’s all i’ve heard at the moment… their website says “coming to stores near you soon!”. Perhaps contact them?

----- jean/NOTCOT 20.02.08 19:26

WHERE CAN I BUY THEse!!! TELL ME now COME ON YOU waste of MY time… :p

----- Bertta 20.02.08 17:40

Hmm, I hope you don’t have to buy the Y Knots separately. It would be cool to use these to build with.

----- Craig 16.02.08 18:41

Love this! I can’t wait till this is available on the east coast.

----- marsha 15.02.08 11:25

i want one how do u get these!

----- Ashley Wolff 15.02.08 08:35

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