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Fendi ‘Paint-Your-Own’ Artist Baguette - 03.06.08

fendidiy1.jpgWow. Fendi. “Artist Baguette”, freshly launched for a mere $1300, a new stark white version of their classic - designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi in 1997 - in coated canvas? And it comes with 10 Pantone Universe markers! It sure looks like they are taking a page from the current trends with the vinyl toy blanks… or coloring books/placemats/other children oriented goodies. And in fact quite a few purse sites seem a bit appalled by the whole thing (Purse Blog, Bag Snob, etc)…

Anyhow, putting the pricetag aside, lets think about this from an arts perspective… there is a LOT of collaboration potential here. Can you imagine getting a few of these into the hands of some talented artists and toy designers, and letting them have their way with them? The potential to merge a fashionable classic accessory with art could have some very interesting results (which could also be a way to increase that initial investment, not to mention actually create an even more unique one of a kind designer clutch). So i must admit i’m tempted, although i might have to hold out till i can draw on my own Birkin… See many more images after the jump!

It seems like this is one of those situations where packaging makes a world of difference… if it were presented as a gorgeous new white clutch and nothing more, would anyone dare take a sharpie to it? Or would the die hard fashionistas complain about the ridiculousness? And it’s not *just* a white canvas bag, it still has all the detailed stylings of a classic Baguette, and additionally has a playfully multicolored cartoon-like lining!

UPDATE 03.13.08 - i walked by a Fendi store, and couldn’t help myself, so went in and bothered them to show me the bag… that box is FAR bigger than i expected, and the bag is quite hideous… not nice to the touch at all… the coated canvas reminded me more of random art school creations than a designer bag.


What do you get for $1300?
(via eLuxury)
# Coated canvas
# Removable belted shoulder strap with buckle attachments; drop adjusts from 4.25” to 7.25”
# Interior twist-lock closures allow buckles to be removed for clutch carry
# Polished gold metal logo-engraved appliqués on each side
# Acrylic double-F logo on the front
# Flap top with magnetic snap closure
# Multicolored cartoon-like logo textile lining
# Interior leather-trimmed zip pocket
# 10.5”x 5.5”x 1.75”
# Ten Pantone Universe markers included to create your own design on the bag
# Packaged in a multicolored Fendi box
# Made in Italy

(also check it out at Neiman Marcus)



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5 Notes

so expensive but no so original
FENDI is copy a graffiti artist from BCN called UIU
check it on:

----- VHF 22.05.08 12:15

I can draw a line on this bag for you for an extra $500.00.
You’ll get a very unique FENDI-RegiaArt baguette. regiaart@gmail.com

----- Regia 06.05.08 19:39

even though it’s been done before with sneakers, it’s interesting to see this for a luxury bag. anyone who can afford to drop $1300 on a bag may not be the crayon n’ markers type, but i could see artists using the kit and selling/displaying the bags. me, if i felt up to it, i’d buy a $20 bag at target and get the same result. for $1300, it’s not my bag.

----- meg 06.03.08 11:13

This is a cool idea, but that price tag is ridiculous. It’d be awesome if the canvas were removable and you could change designs every so often. Also, only 10 colors?? For $1300…c’mon.

----- kareno 06.03.08 06:24

I’m SO excited to see what kind of designs pop up. I hope you keep us posted.

----- Monkey 06.03.08 03:07

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