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Fru and Gu Review!- 03.17.08

frugumain.jpgNOTCOT Note: I sent Justine (aka Rugenius) on a mission since she’s living in the UK, to go buy some of these delicious Fru Puds and Gu Puds and take some pics and let me live vicariously through her… Here’s what she’s reported back, with pics!

Fru Puds and Gu Puds certainly know how to do packaging. It’s hard not to pick them up at the market. In fact, I picked some within my first few weeks in the UK! It’s hard to deny the sensuous chocolatey goodness advertised on that packaging….and I’m alway a sucker for a nice black matte. I think we started with chocolate mousse, the traditional. So when the order came in from NOTCOT to check out some more of their range, I was all too happy to oblige. I thought we should go for something a bit different though. So we went for the Gu chocolate pots and the Fru carrot cake bites. See all my pics of packaging, unboxing, and indulging below!

The packaging was definitely worth salivating over. It reminds me of a high school exercise on sensual writing…I can’t think of a better iconic example. Here they are in the context of supermarket shelving and in the fridge…






But the real test was that of taste. The Gu chocolate pots weren’t bad, but paled in comparison to the tastiness promised in the photographs. That said, those little pots are adorable!


One suggestion they had was to use them to make hot chocolate, so we gave it a shot. Not bad at all. Perhaps not as good as you might hope from the box, but not bad all.


As for the Fru, again a bit less tasty than the box looks. But not bad at all. I’m not sure I’d buy them again, but more because eating more than a half a box of carrot cake bites isn’t doing much for my health than as a reflection on their taste! The bites were surprisingly moist…but the size of them was a bit problematic. A bit too big for a mouthful, but the consistency wasn’t quite hard enough to take a clean bite. So I ended up unwrapping them and putting them on a plate. Quite a waste of packaging in that case!


But aren’t those boxes drool worthy?

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omg i love gu so much its like heaven-hyper-health in one things

----- GU LOVER! 16.11.11 12:48

To the person that said it wouldn’t work in French Canada, I disagree, I think it would work wonderfully. We have a great sense of humor and even though Fru is a slang expression for Frustrated, Frü is not..and even if it were, we would take it as: Frustrated? have some of this.. you’ll feel better soon. I think the packaging is gorgeous, just found this site the other day and love it.. thanks for being here!

----- Maggie 26.06.08 08:17

I also had some kind of Fru pudding thing on a Virgin Atlantic flight and thought it was delicious. I also really liked the Gu chocolate souffles and yes they did come in clear glass ramkins which made the whole thing very high end.

----- Stanzi 24.03.08 16:16

Even if the design is really well-done, the “Fru” product will never worked in the French part of Canada because it’s the abbreviation of “frustration” and is used to call someone a frustrated person…:(

----- Roxana 18.03.08 08:45

It might be my imagination, but I’m pretty sure that some of their products come in glass or terracotta pots, which are always nice to have (it would make it seem as if you’d bought in your deserts at a dinner party though).

----- Andy 18.03.08 07:34

gu addict!
I love the hot rubarb crumble in white ceramic ramekins.

----- deddens 18.03.08 01:16

I had the Gu pudding on a Virgin Atlantic flight to London…it was absolutely amazing! I loved it! I’ve been trying desperately to get some in the US…but to no avail. Ah well…guess I’ll have to go to London again!

----- Sims 17.03.08 15:07

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