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Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition- 03.01.08

GTAstuff.jpgGrand Theft Auto IV Special Edition comes with lots of fun schwag - Special Edition is presented in a customized Grand Theft Auto metal safety deposit box and contains Grand Theft Auto IV in special packaging, The Grand Theft Auto IV Art Book with never-before-seen production artwork, Selected Soundtrack CD with exclusive material to this release, Rockstar Keychain for the safety deposit box keys, and a Limited Edition Rockstar Duffel Bag And Amazon pre-orders also get a free Liberty City GTA License Plate as well. Retailing at $89 and releasing on April 29, 2008 for the PS3 (and the 360). I impulse bought my PS2 specifically for GTA back in college… and now i’m extremely tempted to impulse buy another PS3 (the first one i bought i left for my ex)… although perhaps its worth holding out for the super slim PS3 to come? Trailer videos below!

See more on the Rockstar Games GTA IV Site

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Great game, great art direction and great merchandising… i love Rockstar Stuff.

----- ELMANCO / Stefano Ricci 04.03.08 01:18

The music set in the background with the last preview is pretty interesting. Can’t wait to see the sound track in game.

----- Erin 03.03.08 10:10

Plus ps3 has less anti aliasing issues and if you do get the PS3 metal gear solid and GT5 is right around the corner

----- Justin 02.03.08 13:55

PS3 is getting the same downloadable content actually.

----- will 02.03.08 02:09

That lockbox is so GTA … “Liberty City: Worst Place in America” on the plate … an artbook that suits any shelf … plus the Rockstar keychain … all of which may become collector’s items, especially if EA buys Take Two / Rockstar Games.

----- sublime 01.03.08 20:23

You do know this game is coming out for the 360 and PS3 simultaneously, right?

Here’s the 360 Version

And to boot the 360 is the only version that will have downloadable content.

I’m mos def ordering the special edition though. The duffle bag and game together are worth the $89.

----- Lee 01.03.08 18:30

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