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Mail Call: Diesel Jeans Chain- 03.20.08

hangdiesel1.jpgThis has been a very strange day, and its only 11am. Yes, usually i’m still snoozing at this hour, but was up at 7am, stats broke one of our servers last night! Sorry about that, urgh, but thank goodness for the guys at wiredtree who take such good care of us…. and then had breakfast with Souris Hong-Porretta ~ the woman is incredibly inspiring, add her to the list of people to be like when “grown up”, and hearing about all dot com days reminiscing about things like ChickClick (i never knew Heidi Swanson of 101 Cookbooks was THAT heidi), i can’t help but wish i were a tiny bit older to have been more conscious and active in all that was happening in the 90s… i’m rambling again, sorry, low on sleep, high on energy and ideas… and well, it’s fun to get some perspective and chat with people as buzzing about the intersection of tech/design/gaming/film/art/music/internet/etc.

Moving along, mail call! Came home to a fun surprise from the boys at Diesel’s Fuel For Life Fragrance department in paris… Remember what i thought was a bracelet? Well it turns out i was wrong. And they’ve proved me wrong by sending one over… its a big hefty shiny gold jean’s chain that holds a little vial of Diesel’s Fragrance, and it’s refillable! Also awesome are the giant playing card like info cards that come with a CD of press pics. Gotta love the packaging. Anyhow, lots of pics below to catch you up.



For perspective, these are about half a normal piece of paper… not small! They feel like giant flash cards or playing cards…

Here is the mesmerizing logo filled pattern on the backs of all of the cards…


This is not at all small either ~ i thought it was a bracelet size from the initial pictures, but this is far heavier than i imagined! The capsule is probably about the size of a lipstick…



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its very splendid brand but its very expensive for me because i am student and i am doing the MBA i am from pakistan diesel wearing will only my dream because i can not afford it i am crazy your jeans pants.

----- sajjad abbas 31.07.08 02:48

I like the reflection of you in the plastic cover…

----- evasee 26.03.08 07:02

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