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Noferin Pecanpals- 03.17.08

noferin0.jpgCandy and Nicho, are the Aussie duo that make up Noferin. Exciting news i recently received from them - they are coming out to Santa Monica (from Carrara Island, Australia!) for their solo exhibition at Copro Nason on April 5th! I’ve been begging them for a sneak peek at what is to come… and studio pics and perhaps some paintings in progress coming soon… so far i’ve got a sneak peek at the Pecanpals (which you may remember from .org #7556) - made up of Fanelli, Pecan, Pandacake, Claudius and Jac Jac (read their bios on the Noferin site). These little guys are entirely made from wood, hand crafted, hand painted, and limited to 200 per character! The final versions may vary slightly from these prototypes, but i hope not by much, since they are pretty perfect looking as they are! See closeups of the whole set after the jump! I love all the little sidekicks… the grass cuttings, elephant, and dumbells are definitely my favorites.








Show details:
The Start; or Where We Begin”
Solo Exhibition by Noferin.
Copro Nason Gallery
2525 Michigan Avenue T5, Santa Monica, CA 90404
p: 310-829-2156
e: copronason@msn.com
Show Opens 5th April, 2008. Reception: 8.00 - 11.30pm
Artists will be in attendance at opening.


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Sigh* What a hater (Anne)… personally i think “Friends With You” leaves much to be desired, these little guys are far more friendly and appealing to those who like sleek glossy woody toys…

----- jean/NOTCOT 18.03.08 17:05

Ugh- There’s already one “Friends With You” and they’re just fine- We don’t need another.

Anyone else thinking the Good Wood Gang when they see this?

----- Anne 18.03.08 15:35

Oh my gosh I am in love! These are so amazingly detailed! I just bought a print. Go Noferin!

----- Kate TT 18.03.08 13:21

wow - these are so cool - it’s great to see such detailed shots! they are wonderfully crafted. i love all the detail. i wish i could come to the show. congrats to noferin!

----- maura 18.03.08 07:00

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