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The Ultimate Grill (Part 1) - NOTConcept 001- 03.07.08

A1A2andA3.jpgNOTConcept 001: The Ultimate Grill - [Research] [1: Idea Sketching] [2: Concept Dev] [3: 3D Renders]

NOTConcept: The Ultimate Grill Part 1. Well, we showed you some of our research on the many grills and induction implementations out there, and now for Part 1, we have 20 ideas to bounce off of you! Yes, those above are only three of 20 sketches that you can see fully after the jump. And those 20, are our favorites of even MORE that didn’t even make it off the sketchbook pages and into photoshop! Keep in mind these are the crazy first round of brainstorming types of sketches we start with, before we start to narrow things down based on tighter constraints… and we’re looking to have fun conceptually, so, don’t worry about trying to actually build any of these - tomorrow?

For a quick recap ~ NOTConcept is a new experimental collaboration between NOTCOT and HERO Design Lab, where we will run through ideas from research and extremely rough sketches to glossy renders in under 2 weeks per project… and document/share it all along the way. Reason? We love designing, and with so much inspiration daily, why not play with fun projects and exercise our design minds/skills outside of our usual client work?

SO ~ curious what we came up with? Take a look below, and help us decide what direction to take when we flesh out one of these ideas in the next post…

(Referring to the top image) - The side/coffee table versions allow and invite people to gather around. Grills can be inspired by the furniture and objects that you want in your house. The rotisserie is like a glass vase. Perhaps the technology is invisible, or alternately, completely revealed as a decorative pattern. The two levels can provide electricity or heat, depending on what setting you choose. The center uses infra-red heating or induction, and you can power a rotisserie or steamer on the top surface. Powered by a battery pack, or gas cartridge.

Also more like furniture, but more open , and this one includes a charcoal filter on the underside of the top surface to reduce smoke and smells . A5 could be placed on top of a table; A4 could have short or long legs.

Here we have a tabletop induction or infra-red grill, with a hybrid solar power/induction heating top surface. The whole grill is semi-transparent with an LCD cooking indicator. A7 includes a universal dish that can be used for grilling, steaming, or rotisserie.

This is the solar powered version. Really sleek and thin, for outdoor living. It could be a really thin concrete slab with a heat conducting metal pattern and a covered grill surface that doubles as a hot plate for teppanyaki. The inductive surface on the left is perfect for powering additional cooking tools such as a rotisserie, steamer, or outdoor lighting.

Exploring new ways to create space saving grills for balconies. These could be hung from the balcony above, and tethered to your patio. When you’re not using it, it closes and is concealed and sculptural!

What can we say? These are basically just… well, they’re grill lamps!

These concepts are all about the ‘Smart Fire-Jacks’. Remote activated, battery powered with several recharging options (solar, electric, gas), these conductive ceramic composite stones act the same way coal would to heat your grill. A5 also has a warming surface (thermal pattern transfers heat from the stones) and displays information related to your cooking (temperature etc).

The jacks can take different shapes, and can be stored away inside the portable power-lunch-box. The temperature is controlled with a classic analogue dial.

These are collapsible, portable grills. Their handle double as the temperature controls. The top surface is a hybrid solar panel/induction plate for additional cooking or warming. The underside of the lid contains a carbon filter and ventilation system to reduce smoke emissions and smells in small spaces.

SO… thoughts? Ideas? Want to see some of the visual grill/induction research again?

NOTConcept 001: The Ultimate Grill - [Research] [1: Idea Sketching] [2: Concept Dev] [3: 3D Renders]

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4 Notes

B2 is very nice. Grills I have owned are either visually or spacially annoying. This one solves both. I also like the thought of it lifting up and away for slow cooking, don’t have to worry about little kids touching hot surfaces etc…I could also see myself sitting around A4 with some friends for more of a social/food/drink thing. Where do I put my Heiny Hero Design?

----- Matt Hexemer 10.03.08 09:14

Jean these are so rad!

My favorites though are B1 & B2, simple and beautiful
I can’t wait to see more fun ideas!

----- Bobby 07.03.08 16:39

whats the medium of the sketches…. they are super hot

----- christina droira 07.03.08 11:58

I like the ‘jacks’ idea very much, I can imagine them being a portable heat source as well (like let’s say when you’re on a skiing/hiking/random adventurous trip).
About the ‘gathering’ around a fire, perhaps it’s interesting to have a look at http://www.extremis.be/EXTREMIS_products/Qrater/index.html

For some other reason the imagery and shape language makes me think of the atmosphere of Dutchtub ( http://www.dutchtub.com/ ) -which is a great product ‘feeling/emotion’ for a grill concept I think.

Imo a combination of the furniture concept, the “cut-off-egg shaped-dome” and the jacks would make a nice combo. Especially the egg shape somehow attracts me and reminds me of terracotta ‘outdoor’ tajine cooking ^^

----- Dries 07.03.08 00:37

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