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Sesame Street Visual Thinking- 03.06.08

visualthinking.jpg“cool it, cool it, man, you’re being too literal. What you need is a lesson in abstract thinking… [wow. you are weird]… the funny thing about abstract thinking is you can’t get away from it… to get rid of an abstract thought you have to erase it by thinking backwards.” I don’t know about you, but that makes perfect sense to me. And remind me again, why don’t we have more television like old school Sesame Street anymore? If we make a NOTCOT show, i think we really need to head back in this direction.

Visual Thinking, i think it’s something that every design client needs! Check out the three videos embedded below for some enlightening…

Visual Thinking #3 - SHAPES!

Visual Thinking #2 - ABSTRACT THINKING!

Visual Thinking #1 ~ super old school in black and white!

First discovered Visual Thinking #3 over at Core77 ~ and that led me to the youtube that caught me up with the others…. really shapes are fun and all, but #2 is where its at. I have a new found respect for Kermie after this vid.

Wow, this really makes me want to buy the Sesame Street Old School DVD sets for everyone i know… esp those with kids popping out soon!
- Sesame Street - Old School, Vol. 1 (1969-1974)
- Sesame Street: Vol. 2 - Old School (1974-1979)


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i feel a slight anti-jazz sentiment from 1 & 3.

----- thesis 08.03.08 19:33

I have literally spent entire days going through old Sesame Street clips on YouTube—so I’m happy you’ve come up with a real-world application for it all! I want to make everyone in my office watch these clips asap…

----- Paige 07.03.08 08:15

The 2nd video is a remake of the 1st, but that doesn’t make Kermit any less awesome.

----- Nicole 06.03.08 19:27

Visual Thinking #3 - - Mac and PC anyone?

----- Colleen McCord 06.03.08 15:37

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