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The Ultimate Grill (Part 3) - NOTConcept 001- 03.18.08

grillcloseup.jpgNOTConcept 001: The Ultimate Grill - [Research] [1: Idea Sketching] [2: Concept Dev] [3: 3D Renders]

Can you believe we’re already at the final installment of the first NOTConcept, a NOTCOT and HERO Design Lab collaboration? So, you’ve seen the research, the sketching/brainstorming, the concept development, and here is our final piece of NOTConcept 001 - the Ultimate Grill! Here are the 3D renders of the product, and some photomontages of the product in context. Lots to see after the jump ~ in particular, i love the details of how you can swap in different logos/symbols/anything really in the grill plate itself to mark the food differently (whether that is NOTCOT, or “medium rare” and “well done”, or a little veggies only symbol)… also its versatile enough to be hanging, or with a floor stand… anyhow see below and the details are outlined!






NOTConcept 001: The Ultimate Grill - [Research] [1: Idea Sketching] [2: Concept Dev] [3: 3D Renders]

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10 Notes

Interesting form and installation! This would be cool for apartment-hobbits like me.

But I have to ask: what’s the maximum capacity of meat this baby can cook, without it falling off from suspension?

----- andreavenge 27.03.08 01:11

This is so rad, you guys did such an awesome job!

----- Bobby 20.03.08 16:30

“Will grill for food”


----- Alan Eagle 19.03.08 15:03

I like the concept… Do you have any estimation of the price and when can we purchase it?

Where are my pants?
Probably here http://wamptha.blogspot.com

----- South Wamper 19.03.08 08:06

… Where does the grease go? It seems like it would be a pain to take the bottom off and clean the grease of the heat sources and the bowl. Just a thought

----- Michael 19.03.08 07:54

I feel a disconnect between the remote and the grill. Maybe you could make them the same color, or possibly style the remote to resemble the grill a little more closely. Just a suggestion. I like the progress, and the renders illustrate the concept very well. The cursive font is fine by me.

----- THESIS 19.03.08 06:18

loving the concept and the renders are so pretty! with something that compact, we could even hook one up on the half-balcony outside the office. i’m drooling just imagining the possibilities…goodbye cafeteria food!

----- rugenius 19.03.08 05:01

Great stuff! Love the design and how it hangs like a lamp. My only concern would be the raising/lowering of the cover. The Luddite in me will probably stick with wood/charcoal over those smartjacks though :)

----- cherns 18.03.08 18:06

i cant read the font. its terrible.

----- Eoin 18.03.08 16:31

Can you write the keys in a different font other than cursive? It’s a bit difficult to read on a photo-background. Just a thought. Other than that, great stuff, I would buy the grill today!

----- RNDAVIS 18.03.08 15:19

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