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Tiger - Spy in the Jungle- 03.25.08

elephrazzi1.jpgAre elephants the new steadycams? Or the new paparazzi? (elephrazzi?) Are spy cam technologies finally being put to good use to capture incredible new nature footage? Does a tree trunk rendition of R2D2 really slip under a tigers radar as it rolls around the jungle floor?

Apparently YES! A three-part BBC One series: Tiger - Spy in the Jungle, which is narrated by Sir David Attenborough is the latest creation of John Downer who has been recording footage over a period of 3 years in the Pench National Park in India… using some ingenious “trunk-cams”, which allowed the team to follow four newborn tiger cubs through adulthood. Although i’ve captured a bunch of screenshots after the jump (you never know when videos might disappear off the web and we have nothing to look back on!)… you MUST check out the videos over on the BBC page. For our lucky UK readers - the first programme of Tiger- Spy in the Jungle will be shown on BBC One on Sunday 30 March at 2000 GMT

The crew used three types of high-definition cameras, designed and built by Geoff Bell and operated by cameraman Michael Richards:
A remotely-operated trunk-cam, which could film while the elephants were on the move and could also be set down.
A remotely-operated tusk-cam, which was smaller than the trunk cam and could be carried by the elephants for much longer periods.
Log and rock cams - cameras disguised as logs or rocks - which could be set down either by an elephant or human crew member and were activated by motion sensors.


There is also more info and pics of many random animals also captured on camera over at the Daily Mail

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24 Notes

I was in Pench the first of December and saw the entire series. I also saw one of the cubs that has now had her first cubs. Amazing - Amazing
Like everyone I am searching for the DVD.

----- Leila 07.01.09 12:35

hey does anyone know the name of the song that plays on the oppening of the show?

----- marcelo 05.11.08 22:20

Deepak - Wake up man, this is no computer animation. Are you human or a robot yourself!!! Get eral and get with it!
The most wonder-full nature wild-life programme yet!

----- Harry Mann 30.09.08 13:21

Loved the show but i recorded it and the last 2 minutes or so got cut off. at the end the narrator says something about great news and i was wondering what she said because it got cut off. not about how the tigers are still on the reservation but after that?

----- Emily 25.08.08 20:05

This was by far the best Tiger documentary I have seen, I do hope that this will be released on DVD. Fantastic photography from the log cameras and the use of the elephants with a great surprise near the end were a baby elephant was born

Sensational stuff

----- Steve Bindley 08.06.08 20:37

that was without a doubt the best t.v series i’ve seen for along time, enjoyed greatly. please tell me where i can buy the dvd set of the tigers.

----- amanda- australia 07.06.08 03:38

Will this come out as a documentary in a DVD form? I would love to collect this

----- Lisa 04.06.08 15:31

Absolutely beautiful show - I’ve been watching it the last couple of weeks on our local station & can’t wait to see the 3rd show. Such beautiful creatures! Such wonderful photography and ability to see into their world. I’d love a copy of it. Excellent work.

----- Helen Robinson 27.05.08 02:22

when is Tiger Spy in the Jungle going to be on BBC America?

----- Jan 24.05.08 19:07

PLEASE tell me if you buy the tiger spy in the jungle dvd. My husband missed it on TV and we’d like to buy it if we can. Thanks. Vicki and Garry

----- Vicki White 19.05.08 20:39

My wife made me watch the first episode and I was hooked, fantastic camera work by the elephants a truly amazing programme. Well done the BBC and Sir David Attenborough putting such a great series together.. LONG LIVE THE TIGERS.

----- Mark Barmes 23.04.08 00:23

Beautiful creatures and such a joy to see them :-)))
Thank you!!! :-)))

----- Rachel Simpson 20.04.08 09:52

i loved this programme. iv always loved tiger n now alot about them but i learnt al lot from this. I hope they continue by creating another series =]

----- Jenny 18.04.08 10:17

Wonderful programe about wild tigers, watching those four beautiful cubs growing up was truly an honour to see. Also seeing how their mother took care of them, making sure her babies were feed and safe 24/7, was true girl power in my book. I was also trilled to see that a new generation of tigers had been born at the end of episode three. P.S Charger is also a beautiful animal!

----- Louise 14.04.08 08:31

Hi, also here in the Netherlands (Eindhoven)I enjoyed all the three episodes. And I was realy relieved that the cubs survived as well did their mother. For me it is the best wild life program I ever have seen! Thanks BBC!

----- Jos 14.04.08 05:01

One of the best wild life programmes I have seen I LOVE it,

----- Jane Pryor 13.04.08 07:02

Is this series going to be available on DVD - I was supposed to record it for my parents (who are on holiday) but can’t fathom out how to use the DVD recorder! Perhaps I should get a monkey to do it!

----- Mark Rippin 06.04.08 12:05

Is this a joke. Some of the shot I can tell were defenetly computer made.

----- Stevo 02.04.08 08:23

Hi all, This is really wonderful program. My home town is Nagpur and it is around 50 miles from Pench National Park and I have been there twice or thrice but it is really amazing so see Pench through CAMS. I have never seen pench like this.
Thanks to BBC and whole team.

----- Deepak 31.03.08 23:43

oo this show was so good. The best nature program i have ever seen!

----- Alice fagan 30.03.08 23:37

Well, the episode has just aired, it was beautiful. Once again David Attenborough’s voice takes you on a journey through the wonderous miracles of our world. I’m looking forward to seeing the second episode.

Cheers to the crew and a hoorah for BBC’s excellent broadcasting choice!

----- Jeroen, Belgium 30.03.08 12:33

yeah, i remember that on discovery. the elephants became pretty aware that the little camera-bots were watching them and started carrying them around. crazy elephants.

----- billermo 26.03.08 15:33

could you explain a bit more about how the elephants and the people work together to place the cameras? Can the researchers monitor the photos and manipulate the cameras remotely?

----- Joan 26.03.08 12:59

omg thats awesome.

----- rugenius 26.03.08 02:50

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