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Felt Weaponry- 04.25.08

feltweapons.jpgFor those days when you just really want to get a Glock 9mm with Tactical Light on your flight, MP Industries Berlin has got your back with their line of FELT weaponry. Also in their collection are: an original japanese katana, medieval flail, ak-47, claymore anti personnell mine, special forces FN P90 subpub, SOF sniper rifle, standard police issue revolver, frag grenade, bruce lee nunchaku, special forces colt m4 carbine…. and perhaps more to come… see some of my other favorites on the next page. (Thanks, Joshua)



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Hi community !
The weapons are art pieces motorberlin.com and Parkhaus designed for the
“Berlin Design May” exhibition “Design for a better future” ha ha in 2005.
So there exists only one piece per model. A few of them are not in collectors hands, so interested people just send us a mail to: info@parkhausberlin.de

----- parkhaus 28.04.08 05:30

Ha! I love that pink P90, but their Store link returns an error and there’s very little information on the site itself. Ah well, I guess they’re only meant to be admired from afar.

----- The Slapster 26.04.08 10:42

i was sure you’ll love it!

----- nadejda 26.04.08 00:07

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