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Rich In Craft- 04.16.08

antlerbag.jpgFresh from the inbox, Rich In Craft’s new Folie à Deux “represents the quintessential duality of functional feminine artistry,” created by L.A. designers, Tiffani Anne Williams and Parker Todd Brooks. So what is this ruggedly feminine bag exactly? From their site:

The body of the bag is soft and beautiful. It is made of 100% wool with a pure quilted silk lining. It was handsewn by local artisans. The handle symbolizes the sharp element of the wild. The horn shape was handcrafted in a custom mold by the designers themselves using an exclusive amalgam of polyurethane and glass. The aluminum loops that comprise the bag attachment were also specifically created for the project and were brought to fruition by CNC milling. The Folie à Deux is a unique marriage between the craftsman’s hands and tools and the artist’s imagination.Which is why only thirty-six Folie à Deux will ever be made. Each will be presented on a silk pillow in a handmade, cloth-covered box. And each will be marked with its unique identification number. The number will be mirrored on the underside of the wooden label which is sewn inside each Folie à Deux bag.

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9 Notes

dramatic, gorgeous, decadent…..
you guys, this is such an accomplishment.

----- Jessica 22.04.08 09:58

Gorgeous. Exquisite design after my own heart… this bag has inspired me greatly… I would love to purchase one- but since only 36 were made (and I’m sure they are a bit pricey as well)- I’m going to attempt to make my one of my own combining my extensive antler/skull and vintage bag collection. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

----- ephemerall 19.04.08 20:25

Love it…

----- Sub-Studio 18.04.08 08:17

Amazing piece of work.

----- Alec 18.04.08 03:38

All: Thanks for your kind words. This has been a labor of love, and we are incredibly excited to get these into the hands of appreciative folks.

We are info at richincraft dot com if you would like to talk further.

----- Parker Todd Brooks 17.04.08 14:32

This bag is amazing! Love it! Love it! Love it! From the bag to the handle to the box, it’s truly a work of art.

----- Travis 17.04.08 11:28

how do i get one?!?!?

----- angela 17.04.08 10:32

where can i purchase such an exquisite bag?

----- Roksana 17.04.08 06:49

very beautiful and very dangerous! :)

----- Nick 16.04.08 23:42

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