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Activate Drinks Review- 05.13.08

activatedrinksmain.jpgActivate Drinks… the packaging grabbed me when i heard about this a few weeks back, and i couldn’t resist giving them a spin in person… a 4 pack of these Activate Drinks showed up today, and while it feels gimmicky, the graphic design on the bottle/site/case are nice and clean… and the cap was fun to play with!

Basically, they claim that vitamins lose their potency in water over time - so to keep things fresh, the vitamins are stored in the cap. When ready, you twist the blue part of the cap, releasing what looks like Tang/Crystal Light into the water, give it a bit of a shake, and *poof* you’ve made your own Vitamin Water. So far i only tasted the Orange one, and yes it was a bit like tang… I even made a quick little video for you on the next page to take a look at how it works, and pics of the cap before and after breaking, so you can see exactly how it holds/releases the powder.


Activate Drinks: NOTCOT Review from Jean Aw on Vimeo.







In all honesty, with everyone i’ve been talking to about these, they keep asking me why you wouldn’t just use the Crystal Light To Go packets… both have 0 carbs and 5 calories. Really i guess this gimmick is just kind of fun, but i suppose not the most eco friendly in our time of so many people being more and more anti-bottled water. OH, and i couldn’t resist, so i tried breaking one bottle open without pouring powder in it, and it IS just water. In case you were curious.

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The drinks look very tasty. I’m looking for a new healthy drink for after workouts. Thanks for a great share!

----- paducah ky 11.08.16 21:36

I have tasted quite a few and they were disgusting to me, well except for the Pear and I forgot the other but I think it was Pomegranate. The price of them doesn’t make them worth it in my opinion, so I rather just stick to using small packets than some gimmick, but they are cool if you can get them on sale I guess.

If they were cheaper I’d bring some on vacation with me, but I don’t think it’s enough vitamins in that to be a significant difference in my life lol.

Ramone of SeeTheWorldCheap.com

----- Ramone 27.08.14 11:48

I sure would like to try the product…however…it is ridiculously difficult to open. And now we r on the road with two we cannot open. Hmmmmm…..thirsty?! Guess I should have brought my crystal light packet! Just another product to fill the landfills! Sorry hard to judge taste when I can’t get there from here!

----- Sharon Krebs 31.03.13 09:36

I really like the activate drinks. I wasnt a huge fan of the orange but I really like the lulo pear ad the blueberry pomegranate. I like that I can drink my vitamins. The drink is sweetened with stevia which is a huge plus. those fake sugar substitutes give me migrains and your body doesnt really know what to do with them. The bottles are recycled plastic. I think this company went out of their way to produce a good product that would benifit society, be affordable and taste good

----- samantha 23.09.11 21:29

Hey, Tipere, It’s actually a #1 PETE bottle and the lids are #2.

I actually *do* work for a vitamin supplement company (in R&D, I do the labels and maintain all our FDA regulation information, etc), and my only complaint about the product is that the Facts panel on their website isn’t up to FDA regulation CFR 111 or 110. Well, that, and I’m personally against Vitamin D in powder form due to absorption efficacy issues.

Any rate, it’s a really nice product, nice design, and tastes pretty good.

----- Emma 05.07.11 10:33

To Tipere and Sarah,
The quality of tap water may be drinkable where you live, but in my part of the USA there is so much arsenic and chlorine it will make you physically sick. Bottled water is still necessary for many people.

----- Jenn 12.11.09 12:49

I wouldn’t be averse to using Crystal Light style additive packs on tap water, but are there any with a focus on vitamin content. I’ve tried the little breakable fizzy tabs, but they tasted like hell, so I’m certainly in the market for something good-tasting and health-boosting but not planet-destroying.

Additionally, over-hyphenating.

----- Greg 21.05.08 17:10

I`m totally in awe to see what should be fan of function and design, quality and sustainability fall for this absolute crap. I bike 14,000 kms a year and can’t even phantom drinking gross reverse osmosis dead water in what is probably a type 7 plastic bottle (now almost banned in some countries). If I can live without plastic water and fake vitamins (that`s a whole other topic… vitamin by products are really bad, anyone here works for a generic company ? I do, you would crap your pants knowing where they source it from…) For crying out loud, I run 4 marathons a year and have 4 kids and I can use 99% of the time, what is the best water in our world, tap water. I see zero value in this product…

Have a good bisphenol day on me. These bottle water threads are what makes NOTCOT almost a forward thinking blog, then this shit takes it back to Ronald Reagan years…

----- tipere 17.05.08 17:17

I find funny how you shake with the bottle :D

----- M72 15.05.08 04:05

I like the taste and I think it really works for me.Like I’m going to carry that crystal light packages and go find water when I”m on the move. Yeah! Right Rog

----- Roger 14.05.08 17:45

If I see one more stupid “vitamin” water product I’m going to scream! Drink tap water people. It’s healthier than all of these “vitamin drink” products.

----- Sarah 14.05.08 13:03

Haha, that looks really cool. I want to try one now :3
where did you find them?

----- Kai-sama 14.05.08 09:58

I really love the colors. It looks fresh and nice, but (honestly) quite industrial - not healthy and natural.

----- Andrea 14.05.08 04:25

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