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Baja BBQ Firepack by Mike and Maaike- 05.29.08

bbqfire.jpgCharcoal can be messy stuff… luckily for us dynamic design duo, Mike and Maaike, have tackled this process with their new Baja BBQ Firepack for Design Annex/Lazzari. The design of the packaging as a recycled, functional aspect of the process is just genius.

“The Baja BBQ Firepack is charcoal packaging that lights instantly and burns away in the grille, making the barbeque experience simple, clean and chemical free. Made from 100% recycled biodegradable paper pulp, the package contains 2 lbs of natural lump charcoal and features an integrated chimney that creates perfect hot coals in 15-20 minutes without the aid of chemicals or lighter fluid. Available at gourmet supermarkets. Manufactured by Lazzari/ Design Annex - patent pending” See the process in pics on the next page…






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4 Notes

This is great; can we use this grilling indoors? It’s really clean to look at, where would this grilling be available.

----- displaysandholders 25.08.14 23:20

Does anybody know where to get the white grill? Black weber and a spray can?

----- hans 28.07.08 09:08

This is awesome!

----- salisa 04.06.08 00:09

I love this idea! Just think how easily picnic grilling would be.

----- Maggie 30.05.08 13:50

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